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Fur 'N' Away Review

Continued from our expo trip at the fur n away booth.. We went over to the plush puppy section, there were big discounts for all the Plush Puppy products, we decided to stock up shampoos for Amber, I went over and asked about "All Purpose" shampoo, a young female staff attended to us and explained to us about the products. She repeated regular things a staff would say about their products even though we informed that we were already using Plush Puppy shampoo, things like "our products are very good if you buy you will see it for yourselves", we smiled to each other and listened. She then looked at Amber and reached out to her, Amber jumped up to her and we corrected it, the staff then asked Amber's age and we told her Amber was almost 1 year old, she made a cringed expression and told us that puppies are supposed to be like that, we replied that even so we still have to teach her, she made another weird expression. I then asked her about styling cream for dogs

Tips on selecting treats (part 2)

In part 1 , we shared tips on selecting good quality treats, in this section we will share on the variety of dog treats and how to utilize them. Whenever you go into a pet store, you will always see treats in many different sizes, it may be confusing to select something from so many varieties at first, but once you know what you are doing you will find that it is actually a very simple and enjoyable process! It is always good to first decide what kind of treats you are looking for, we have list down some points for you to see and decide for yourself what are the scenarios you can use treats for, also some tips and information on how to improve them.

More about Amber

Amber is a toy poodle, smaller in sizes than most of the toy poodles out there mainly because she is the last to be born out of the litters of 4, also she is a female which are usually smaller than males. If she is to be taken and bred with another toy poodle of same or smaller size, her puppies would be what people call "teacup poodles". These are very unhealthy and unrecognized breeds, these "teacups" has serious health issues, they cannot be taken for run, they also cannot jump or would result in joint problems. Amber is considered the better size for a healthy toy poodle, she also has a long body considering her height and size, like a dachshund. Amber's shoes is sized 2. Amber is brown in color, not to be mixed up with mahogany red, most red poodle's color fades off as they grow older, products can help to retain or enhance the red temporary but they cannot prevent fading. I would say Amber is now brown in color but her ears are growing some light cre

Dangerous dogs There are always cases of dogs attacking people, most if not all of the serious cases are done by large dogs. Dogs like Pit bulls and Rottweilers are categorized as some of the most dangerous dogs in the world. I am sure that most of the attacking cases are due to lack of training, meaning the owners are the main cause for these aggressive dogs, these selfish people own the breeds either because they think it's cool or because they just want a guard dog to protect their house. Turns out the dog attack their neighbors, passer-bys and even the owners themselves, there's even this recent case of a dog that bit the neighbor's baby and killed him.

Shinee's Stay with Us

If you have followed our facebook page or youtube channel you should know that Shinee has been staying with us for almost 3 days! Shinee is going to be with us for 12 days before going home. Shinee is supposed to be here for home boarding as well as some obedience training, we always do our best to provide help for people and their dogs, new dogs are nothing new to us and we have confidence that Amber and Shinee will get along and bring new skills back once their owner return. Unlike Amber, Shinee is a medium energy dog which is good to teach and train, we will test out different methods to teach Shinee and provide the owner with instructions if they need it. We want to thank the owner Joey for allowing us to include Shinee in this blog, most people are shy or unwilling to let their dogs be shown online because they wouldn't want to show the "ugly" side of their dogs. This time the owner of Shinee is willing to let people learn from the videos and enjoy his progress,

How clever can a dog be?

Scenario 1 The Story: We saw Amber holding on to something that seemed to come from the kitchen. Observed her from our room during her free roaming time in the house, while we noticed she was walking towards the kitchen (we could only see her towards the kitchen direction but there's a wall blocking our view), i walked over silently and saw her in the kitchen, she was shocked to see me, her ears and body posture all went down, she attempted to get out of the kitchen, i still punished her. After 5 minutes, we saw her approaching the direction of the kitchen again, i was going to get out of my room to follow her before i see her running back in front of our room. What was it about: Amber definitely knows that she was being watched after we caught her for the first time, and during the second attempt, she was going towards the kitchen again when she suddenly decided to run back to check on us, to see if anyone was behind her.

Amber's Trip To Expo - 11 November 2012

11.11.2012 We brought Amber to expo today, it was a dog event by AVA, we didn't have time to walk Amber before going to the event so we just walked her to the taxi stand. During the wait for taxis many ignored us because we carried Amber with us while fetching, this was expected but still depressing to see. When I was about to place Amber on the carrier a taxi stopped in front of us and we hopped in. The first thing I received from the driver was not "where do you want to go?", it was "don't put your dog on my seats, the fur will dirty it". I did not reply, but told him our destination, he repeated his sentence again! We got angry but kept quiet, I then told him next that we are going to expo hall 4, he was pretty angry and said in a harsh tone, "I DON'T KNOW YOU JUST TELL ME LATER". We quarreled with him for awhile and threatened to complain him and he kept saying sorry afterwards, we then explained we are not unreasonable people, when I got

Amber's Timetable from Monday to Sunday

Here's breakdown for Amber's Timetable for those who wants to refer to: Mondays to Fridays 7:10 a.m. Breakfast, 2 spoonful of kibbles, put on water bottle, sometimes we would add a capsule of fish oil or leftover of treats on her kibbles to boost her appetite.                 

Amber's trip to Nex Playground today

We brought Amber to the salon before going to Nex Playground today, there was not much big issue but still some stuff to be noted. At the home salon, we put Amber out in the living room for awhile and she played well, she didn't feel awkward playing in a new place. Our hairdresser is always praising Amber to her customers as usual, kept telling them that Amber is a good dog that does not bark, she loved Amber and dogs but she couldn't get them because there are always customers that did not like dogs. Today there was one lady that was afraid of dogs, she didn't give any weird faces, she just told us that she is afraid of getting licked. However when we placed Amber in her carrier and let the hairdresser do our hair, our hairdresser suddenly asked if Amber was in the living room, she totally forgotten that there was a dog in the carrier. The lady also praised Amber for being a good quiet dog, we were proud of Amber, we are trying to let people who are afraid of dogs to giv

Amber's transition to adulthood

Amber will be 1 year old on 03 December 2012, her body is currently undergoing changes to become an adult, she will have temper, dominance and characteristics issues, how much she is going to change will depend on how much we allow her to develop these behaviors further.

Tips on choosing a puppy

We got feedback from some readers who unknowingly bought unhealthy puppies from pet shops, we decided to come up with this article for people to gain a better chance of having a healthy puppy.  Do note that this does NOT guarantee you in getting a healthy puppy, it only increases your chances. Firstly we want to encourage people to adopt instead of buying, because adopting from shelters would not only save dogs which are abandoned, but also safer for new owners because these dogs are checked for virus and diseases before putting up for adoption, most are also potty trained, and the best thing is that it does not cost much money to adopt. The only downside is that you will not be able to experience the puppy-hood of a dog, which is the reason why most people wants a puppy. But if it is not a criteria for you, why not adopt one?

Tips on selecting treats (part 1)

Before reading this article, do take note once again this is based on personal opinions and experience, countries mentioned are strictly referring to certain food or treats in the particular country, countries mentioned are based solely on pet treats and food, there is no intention whatsoever to refer to the culture or people, if mentioning of countries offends you, please skip this article. Choosing treats may seem like a 15 minutes thing, just go into a pet store, pick up your usual treat and just pay at the counter. Truth is, have you ever wondered what's in the treats you are feeding to your dog? There are many kinds of treats out there, I have seen at least 50 different kinds of brand and flavor, I believe there are still more that I have not seen or heard of. There are treats that improves dental problems, there are treats that are good for training, there are even treats that just taste good without any benefits (I called it eat-for-fun). In this guide we will be going

What to get before your new dog arrives

So you have gotten a dog and it will be coming to your home these few days, and then you remembered something, to prepare all the necessary things for your new dog! While preparing everything is a good idea, most are generally useless and are not a must for your new dog, buying everything right away can also easily exceed one's budget. We will list down the things we feel are the most important ones for the first week. Note: * marks brand that we carry. 1. Crate/cage/play pen What's more important than a room/den for your dog? This is a place it should get used to, to learn to poo and pee, to eat, to sleep, to play. Place it somewhere neutral, not the toilet, not the room, you will want it to learn to be alone at times, trust us. For size, 3 x 2 feet crate is advisable for small dogs.

Treats...treats...and more treats!

It's our birthday month and as a Pet Lovers member we are entitled a 15% discount for this whole month. Amber is just so lucky to have such doting parents like us to spend quite a number of sums to buy a lot of treats for her (well...especially this month). LOL! This is just the first part, we are going to visit pet lovers for their birthday month offer again :) Do note that this post is not reviews for the treats we bought. We will make a review post for these treats after Amber finishes them. Here are some of the treats we bought on the first week of our birthday month:

World Pets Day @ East Coast Park

We brought Amber to East Coast Park for World Pets Day event on 30 sept, it started at 10:30am but we reached about 11:30am. The event was really small, with many booths squeezed into the small event hall. It was then we noticed the event was on grass, Amber did not wear any shoes because her current pair is too small, we are still waiting for the new pair of shoes to arrive from U.S.A. We also did not apply frontline on her, but we still decided to let her on the grass while making sure to check for ticks now and then. The event kind of disappointed us. When we reached, it was sort of a kids superstar contest, where children dance and sing to compete for prizes, after that program was a magic show, which was also non-pets related. We left the event after 15 minutes. We decided to walk Amber, she did really well on that day, which must be because the weather was pretty hot, probably drained her energy up in a short while! We walked on the pedestrian path but I could still see some cyc

Getting your dog to wear clothes

People are asking how come Amber allows us to wear clothes on her,  their dog always hide or become aggressive when they put clothes on them. While wearing clothes is not a must unless you live in very cold countries, it makes your dog look cute and easier to recognize at places that allows your dog to be off leashed. It is also a form of bonding and training for you and your dog, finishing this exercise would strengthen the relationship with you and your dog if done correctly. Why wouldn't the dog allow us to put anything on them? It is exactly the same reason why we humans wouldn't go out naked, it just feels awkward! It's the opposite for dogs, they are used to being naked and would feel weird putting clothes on. It is not because it is hot, it is simply because your dog is not used to it. Just like the first time you put collar on them, i am sure at some point they didn't like collars at first. It takes time and treats to let them know to trust you in everything y

Pet Shop Review - Pet Lovers Centre

We have been patronizing Pet Lovers Centre for the past 6 years, the first time was at Pet Safari Simei, which i believe is the same thing as Pet Lovers Centre. We bought our late holland loop rabbit Chocolate there, and never stopped buying things from them ever since. Pet lovers Centre in my opinion is one of the largest chain of pet store in Singapore. We could most likely find PLC at most of the shopping malls we visit. Because Chocolate do not require much effort and money to upkeep, we didn't really bother looking at the prices of other pet store, and with $80 and above, delivery is free (Previously it only cost $60 for free delivery). After getting Amber, we started to calculate the amount needed to maintain her, it then came to our mind to look at the current prices for other pet stores, mainly online shops. It surprised us on the level of competition for the prices at different shops, some had cheap food, but expensive toys, others had cheap treats but expensive groomin

[Rant] Dog Fashion - Right or Wrong?

I'm sure this topic has been debated countless times, why do some people put on clothes and accessories on dogs? What are the advantages and what are the risks? Some people hate dog owners that outfit their dog so much that they could go into a dog forum, and create a post asking people to stop it because they find it stupid and ugly. In cold countries, people wear sweaters and boots on their dogs to make sure they don't freeze, some dogs have little to no fur like Chi hua huas and Chinese crested, without protection these poor creatures will shiver during the whole walk, i wonder which is more cruel? Let's go to pet fashion, why would people wear pretty outfits on their dogs, buy branded and bring their dogs out? Does the dog even know what is going on? No, dogs do not know that they are pampered when you put clothing on them, sometimes they even hate it so much that they would rip the clothes off. Even if they don't, i still think that it really looks beautiful ha

Amber so far

Here's some information on Amber's behavior and health so far, she is currently 9 months old, we brought her back when she was 3 months old.

Reservoir Trip

Went to bedok reservoir today morning, Amber had an appointment with the groomer at Masmas's. We decided to bring her over to the reservoir for some exercise before going for grooming.

Teaching your dog to sit

Sitting is one of the simplest trick to teach a dog, it is also one of the most useful and important trick i'd recommend people to teach when getting a new dog. Whether the dog is a puppy or adopted it is still possible to teach a dog to sit, it does not matter if the dog is 3 months old or 12 years old. Dogs are like humans, they will sit even when not told to, it can be due to them being tired, just sitting because they are bored or waiting for someone. The author forgot to include that i sit because i know my picture is being taken. Why is this trick important? There are so many tricks to teach a dog, but how many of them are actually useful? If a dog knows to sit when asked to, it will benefit the owner in many ways, one of the example is crossing a road, before crossing i would always ask Amber to sit. Once Amber sits, she has to go through another obstacle, which is to refrain from standing and walking/running towards the road because of the moving vehicle. However sin

The stranger named Terry Wong

While coming back to my blog as usual, i noticed a person named Terry Wong who made pretty nasty remarks about Amber and the blog. They were words that sounded very angry and seemed to come from someone who seemed young and childish. Words like hope you will die, your dog suck, your dog is f***ing dumb/ugly, these are signs of someone who is desperate to vent his/her anger using the fastest possible ways to provoke the targeted person. Which happens to be us, while being curious, i decided to take a look at the visitors that came to our blog during the time we received the nasty remarks. Turned out to be someone that had just visited our review of a pet shop named Joy Doggy . This person not only read the review once, but came back after a few minutes. We gave this pet store the lowest score so far at 2/10. Our blog is always aimed to be opinion oriented, frank/honesty, we also try to make posts as detailed as possible. This is very much like a diary, just that it is free for everyon

Sleepy Amber

We always bring Amber with us to the hair salon because it is near to Nex Playground, but other than the hair dresser playing with her from time to time, she would have nothing to do but take a little nap. This is the video of her dozing off. This is also her chance to fully charge her energy because at Nex Playground she is going to play as much as she can!

Looks like we are in some luck

25/08/2012 We went to Nex Shopping Mall yesterday, i came across a booth for obedience classes, wanted to take a look at the brochure and prices. I then saw a lady, wearing dress and portraying some sort of high class look, she was attending one of the classes there and i supposed she was confirming her attendance with the guy at the booth. Her poodle suddenly pooped, she looked down at the mess, walked to a corner and acted as if she was searching for something in her handbag. We stared at her throughout, hoping she sees us staring and would pick up her dog's poop, she didn't. After acting like she was looking for something in her bag for a minute, she quickly pulled her dog into the dog playground, the guy that was at the booth spoke in a light tone after she walked away, he said "hey your dog poo poo". I assume the lady didn't hear that, and i can see that the guy was very unhappy with the lady, in my opinion i believed he didn't move forward to tell he

Pet Product Review - Nylabone Puppy Fish

If you have read up my previous review on Nylabone Puppy Chew , it was rated a high score of 9/10 by us. We review everything carefully towards our own opinion not only as a customer but also not forgetting to put ourselves in the shoes of the shop/product manufacturer. Using this "Customer : Shop/Manufacturer" formula we believe the reviews will turn out to be truthful and unbiased. Well i have to say that Nylabone totally disappointed us this time, i bought Puppy Fish this time thinking that Amber would look forward to playing her new toy, the delivery lady, who was also the owner of the online shop sent the items to my doorstep. While i was washing the toy, i decided to give it a slight twist, and the tail broked. There were small pieces of Puppy Fish after it broke and they looked like transparent sand. The lady exchanged a new Puppy Fish for me on the spot after i complained that it was badly produced, she then told me that it might be due to keeping in the warehouse f

Irresponsible Owners

This is something i saw while being at the dog event recently, a man's golden retriever started to poo on the floor. He saw it and chose to walk away, after about 2 minutes, a lady stepped on the poo and things started to go hay wired, people started to find out the source of the poop, and then magically the guy reappeared, walked towards a corner and brought the cleaner over to pick up the poop. This is a very good example of an irresponsible pet owner, dog lovers or not, nobody likes to step on a poop and soil their shoes. You do not let your dog poop in your living room and then leave it there, so there is no reason to leave it in public. Some people let their dogs poop on the grasses and then say that it is fertilizers for the grass, truth is it is not. Read here . Please don't tell me it is fertilizer for the concrete too, so start picking up your dog poop today, if you don't have tissue, ask the aunties for one

Our Very First Dog Event at Discover Dogs 2012

We saw this poster online, it was about the upcoming dog event at Expo Hall 7 on 19 August 2012. It was supposed to be one of the biggest dog event of the year, we decided to go and it costed us $8 each person and $1 for each dog. This is our first time attending a dog event and we had no idea what to expect, how Amber is going to pee and if she would get into any sort of trouble as this is a big event, there are many kinds of owner and dogs, some dogs are dangerous, some people walk without looking down etc. The first thing when i looked at this poster, i got frustrated by the layout and look of the design that i went straight to the website given to expect better information. Which was worst, this was the information i got: TICKET PRICING: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm: $ 8.00 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm: $ 4.00 After 8:00 pm - FREE Children: 12 years and below - FREE (link)   There was no proper information about the ticket pricing in a way that they don't list out what the 1

Pet Product Review - Nylabone Puppy Chew

We were searching online for the most suitable toy for Amber, it has to be durable and interesting for her as well as light and small enough for her to carry around. We looked around and found Nylabone toys, Nylabone alongside Kong are some of the most popular brands for dog toys. We thought for quite awhile and decided to get Nylabone Puppy Chew because of the design, this is a bone shaped toy that is twisted in the center as well as some ribbed texture on both ends of the bone to attract puppies to chew on it for longer period of time. Initially we wanted to get Nylabone fish but we ultimately chose puppy chew in the end. We  chose the Blue puppy chew bone from doggyfriend but received the Orange bone at $14.85. The first thing when we received the toy was to wash it first, while washing I tried twisting the toy to test it's durability, dog toys are suppose to be made very durable and strong because dogs are vey rough when playing, they bite, paw and throw the toys hard, the

Happy 8th Month~

Today is Amber's 8th Month~ gonna post a video of her doing her first simple trick :)

Pet Shop Review - Babyrou Dogbows

We were introduced by Masmas Groomers to this online shop, they sell all sorts of handmade bows/ribbons that are really beautiful! We decided to choose 3 different bows, one pink hat clip, one kitty bow and one teddybear LV design bow. During the conversation online with Babyrou Dogbows, i asked if they could give me some bands for me to tie onto Amber's hair to make it more firm before i put on the bows, they were okay with it! I actually preferred to collect my items by meetup but they said they were very busy and they could only do it through post, which i had to pay an extra $1 for it. It was okay for me but the problem is that Babyrou Dogbows was quite hard to contact even through facebook, they only reply once a day and it was mostly short and not very informative. When i had confirmed the orders they didn't even give me the account number to transfer the money to, which i had to ask and wait for the reply. The orders reached within 2 days which was great, i took out th

Amber Having Fun

Heres some random Amber video, she is always very violent when playing! We do not encourage her to do that but we would also not stop her from doing things like being too violent, growling and going crazy-like when it is playtime. This is to give her some space and time to do things that she wants to do, we believe that dogs need to vent their frustrations and anger sometimes, we think doing that on toys would be the best thing LOL. And yeah we also showed off her housebreaking skills, she learned to pee on it in about a week, this video was when Amber was still 3 months old. We may seem serious in most of our posts, but in reality when it is play-time we really play, i just don't do videos of me cuddling Amber as everyone knows how to do this. Well have fun we hope you enjoy this video!

How to stop your dog from barking

People ask why Amber is not as barky as most dogs, they even question that poodles are known to be very fond of barking. Some people that do not like dogs would become interested in getting close to Amber without knowing why. Truth is, there are a large portion of dog-haters that do not like dogs because they simply bark too much, like all dogs Amber was VERY barky when she first came to our home. It is not easy to train a dog not to bark excessively but it will pay off greatly, a dog that barks at everything would scare off people and would also influence other dogs into barking with it. Whenever a dog barks, you need to use a word that you would use when you do not want your dog to do something, for us we use words like "No". Never use long sentences like "do not bark", dogs do not understand long dull sentences. Things you will need are: • Patience • Treats • Loud tone • A push Patience plays a big part in dog training, without patience one can get fru

Tips & Tricks - Getting your dog to love the carrier

Many people have trouble getting their dog to love the carrier, especially when it is the puppy/dog's first time using it. To get your dog to like the carrier, you simply need 3 things: -your dog's  favorite  treat  -carrier -patience Open up the carrier fully, let your dog smell it and your dog might play with it for awhile or even leave it alone. After 5 minutes of introducing the carrier, place some treats INSIDE the carrier, guide your dog to the treats. Your dog might just take the treats and finish it outside, it is okay because when your dog goes into the carrier it is also leaving their smell on the carrier itself, people that have been using the same carrier for long would know what i am talking about. Your dog would soon understand that treats can be found inside the carrier, it would then go back into the carrier and start to look for more treats, if your dog happen to really hate the carrier and do not even want the treats, do not worry, just leave the carri

19 July 2012 - R.I.P Chocolate

Today noon, before we got out of home i decided to fill up the water for my pet rabbit Chocolate, as i took out the water bottle, i saw that Chocolate was not moving, i called her name for awhile, i tap her cage and then i inspect closer and saw some ants around her. I knew that she was gone, Chocolate is already 6 this year and she seemed weak, old and thin these few months. She was a really strong rabbit, only got sick about 3 times all her life, twice was when she got wry-neck, a symptom that causes rabbit to tilt their head sideways, vet told us the first time that she would never heal and her head would be like this forever, and would have to put her down if her pain is unbearable. But within a week of taking pills that help her to heal her nerves, she got well and looked good just like a young healthy rabbit! This happened twice in her lifetime and she still got well after. Another time was when she weak and didn't move as much as usual, i went to pick some clovers, which all

Something to share - Leash Training

Came across this sad incident shared by people at facebook. *Appeal for witnesses* Pet husky killed by cab in hit-and-run at Old Jurong Rd STOMPer David's husky was knocked down and killed by a taxi at Old Jurong Road on Saturday (Jun 30). The STOMPer is appealing for witnesses of the hit-and-run accident who caught sight of the taxi's licence plate. Said David: "Sincerely seeking for car drivers that witnessed the accident which caused the death of my sister’s husky. "Hope to find drivers who can remember the hit-and-run cab driver's car plate number. "The accident occurred on Saturday (30 Jun 2012), around 3pm. My sister had brought him out for a walk. "My sister’s dog (Ah Boy) was knocked down by a yellow cab at Old Jurong Road, from Bukit Batok towards Upper Bukit Timah Road. "Apparently, something startled ah boy, and he walked onto the road. There were a few cars then, and ALL cars on the road managed to stop at a distance, without mu

Amber is 7 months old now!

Amber is growing each day, she's now in her 7th month! Time passes fast and she will reach 1 year old - her teenage hood soon. (a 1 year old pup = 15 years old our human age). I seriously going to miss her puppy-hood! ....... Well...i still have another 3 months :) Anyway here is A picture of Amber drawn by my husband! Cho Kawai!

Pet Products Review - Yogi Pee Tray

We were looking all over online for good reviews of pee trays and came across Yogi Pee Tray, we had thought to purchase Nugi Pee Tray before but because of the size 45 x 55 cm(almost square), we knew that it is not the perfect measurements for Amber's play pen. Yogi Pee Tray had problems with the "ears" at both ends of the plastic support, dogs would chew on the "ears" and it would be easy to be lifted up, exposing the pee pad that is supposed to be inserted underneath. However because Yogi Pee Tray was just sized at 43.5 x 52 cm, which is just slightly smaller than Nugi Pee Tray and fits our 3ft x 2ft crate, we decided to give Yogi Pee Tray a chance. We had doubts whether it really works, for peeing the problem lies with whether the pee can really go through the holes, would pee be stuck and then make Amber's paw wet? And also for poop, i do understand that the poop is going to be on top of the pee tray waiting for me to pick it up, would it stain? Would

Heartworm Disease

HEARTWORM - it is transmitted via a mosquito bite. Light of Life vet was thoughtful enough to spend time creating some handouts for their clients, to provide an easy reference and gain some knowledge to help with their pets health care. We would like to make a post using their handouts to let everyone know how dangerous Heartworm disease is. And if everyone out there REALLY care for your pets, please start prevention ASAP. Thank You! Amber has started taking Heartgard Plus, let your furkid start one too~!

Review - Light of Life vet

This was a very tedious search for us, finding a good vet for Amber. I researched online for many weeks before coming to a conclusion. I called most of the "recommended vets" and asked questions regarding consultation, spay and deworming. I also wanted to see whether the staffs knew what i inquired about. I would ask them stuffs like what does the spay consist, when can i take Amber home, how old should Amber be spayed and why. Some of the staffs do not even understand what i was talking about and told me to book an appointment to ask the vet what i needed to ask, so i blacklisted those clinics. I also cancelled out vets that are overly expensive and too far for transport, i do not want to make the trip back after surgery hard for Amber. Although i usually trust the internet for reviews of good vets in Singapore, i do see some ridiculous recommendations on vets based on things like "good to chat", "funny" and i even saw a thread to recommend the vet becaus

Vet Review - Light of Life Vet

This was a very tedious search for us, finding a good vet for Amber. I researched online for many weeks before coming to a conclusion. I called most of the "recommended vets" and asked questions regarding consultation, spay and deworming. I also wanted to see whether the staffs knew what i inquired about. I would ask them stuffs like what does the spay consist, when can i take Amber home, how old should Amber be spayed and why. Some of the staffs do not even understand what i was talking about and told me to book an appointment to ask the vet what i needed to ask, so i blacklisted those clinics. I also cancelled out vets that are overly expensive and too far for transport, i do not want to make the trip back after surgery hard for Amber. Although i usually trust the internet for reviews of good vets in Singapore, i do see some ridiculous recommendations on vets based on things like "good to chat", "funny" and i even saw a thread to recommend the vet becaus