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101 Dog Myths 04 - Dogs tail are down to prevent other dogs from humping

Dog Myths 04 - Dogs tail are down to prevent other dogs from humping Another old saying and it never stops spreading, the tail of dogs are down because they feel uneasy about themselves, it can either be fear, insecure or stressed. Tail down is all about body languages, its not to block their back from other male dogs, even male dog's tail can be down.

Amber and her walks update

We are always open about our training process and failures, we want to tell everyone that it is perfectly okay to fail at times, because failing only makes you better. We always hear compliments about Amber when we bring her out, things like "I wish my dog could walk beside me too" and such. Well usually if we have time we'll explain to them that they can too get their dog to walk beside them, they simply needed to train their dog! Of course there are also some that says that we are lucky to get a dog that listens, some people truly believes that whether not a dog listens to their owner is through characteristics. We'll tell them that what they see in Amber is just the good side, what they did not see is how much time, effort and training we had put into our dog. It was just one year ago when we faced a lot of criticism during Amber's puppy stage, people think that having a puppy means that the person is a beginner and don't know what they are doing. The

Amber's second swimming trip!

04.07.2013 We brought Amber to Canine Wellness & Rehab for swimming again, this was her second attempt and we met up with Toffee so that they could swim together!