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Pet Shop Review - Pet Lovers Centre

We have been patronizing Pet Lovers Centre for the past 6 years, the first time was at Pet Safari Simei, which i believe is the same thing as Pet Lovers Centre. We bought our late holland loop rabbit Chocolate there, and never stopped buying things from them ever since. Pet lovers Centre in my opinion is one of the largest chain of pet store in Singapore. We could most likely find PLC at most of the shopping malls we visit. Because Chocolate do not require much effort and money to upkeep, we didn't really bother looking at the prices of other pet store, and with $80 and above, delivery is free (Previously it only cost $60 for free delivery). After getting Amber, we started to calculate the amount needed to maintain her, it then came to our mind to look at the current prices for other pet stores, mainly online shops. It surprised us on the level of competition for the prices at different shops, some had cheap food, but expensive toys, others had cheap treats but expensive groomin

[Rant] Dog Fashion - Right or Wrong?

I'm sure this topic has been debated countless times, why do some people put on clothes and accessories on dogs? What are the advantages and what are the risks? Some people hate dog owners that outfit their dog so much that they could go into a dog forum, and create a post asking people to stop it because they find it stupid and ugly. In cold countries, people wear sweaters and boots on their dogs to make sure they don't freeze, some dogs have little to no fur like Chi hua huas and Chinese crested, without protection these poor creatures will shiver during the whole walk, i wonder which is more cruel? Let's go to pet fashion, why would people wear pretty outfits on their dogs, buy branded and bring their dogs out? Does the dog even know what is going on? No, dogs do not know that they are pampered when you put clothing on them, sometimes they even hate it so much that they would rip the clothes off. Even if they don't, i still think that it really looks beautiful ha

Amber so far

Here's some information on Amber's behavior and health so far, she is currently 9 months old, we brought her back when she was 3 months old.

Reservoir Trip

Went to bedok reservoir today morning, Amber had an appointment with the groomer at Masmas's. We decided to bring her over to the reservoir for some exercise before going for grooming.

Teaching your dog to sit

Sitting is one of the simplest trick to teach a dog, it is also one of the most useful and important trick i'd recommend people to teach when getting a new dog. Whether the dog is a puppy or adopted it is still possible to teach a dog to sit, it does not matter if the dog is 3 months old or 12 years old. Dogs are like humans, they will sit even when not told to, it can be due to them being tired, just sitting because they are bored or waiting for someone. The author forgot to include that i sit because i know my picture is being taken. Why is this trick important? There are so many tricks to teach a dog, but how many of them are actually useful? If a dog knows to sit when asked to, it will benefit the owner in many ways, one of the example is crossing a road, before crossing i would always ask Amber to sit. Once Amber sits, she has to go through another obstacle, which is to refrain from standing and walking/running towards the road because of the moving vehicle. However sin

The stranger named Terry Wong

While coming back to my blog as usual, i noticed a person named Terry Wong who made pretty nasty remarks about Amber and the blog. They were words that sounded very angry and seemed to come from someone who seemed young and childish. Words like hope you will die, your dog suck, your dog is f***ing dumb/ugly, these are signs of someone who is desperate to vent his/her anger using the fastest possible ways to provoke the targeted person. Which happens to be us, while being curious, i decided to take a look at the visitors that came to our blog during the time we received the nasty remarks. Turned out to be someone that had just visited our review of a pet shop named Joy Doggy . This person not only read the review once, but came back after a few minutes. We gave this pet store the lowest score so far at 2/10. Our blog is always aimed to be opinion oriented, frank/honesty, we also try to make posts as detailed as possible. This is very much like a diary, just that it is free for everyon