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Tips on selecting treats (part 1)

Before reading this article, do take note once again this is based on personal opinions and experience, countries mentioned are strictly referring to certain food or treats in the particular country, countries mentioned are based solely on pet treats and food, there is no intention whatsoever to refer to the culture or people, if mentioning of countries offends you, please skip this article. Choosing treats may seem like a 15 minutes thing, just go into a pet store, pick up your usual treat and just pay at the counter. Truth is, have you ever wondered what's in the treats you are feeding to your dog? There are many kinds of treats out there, I have seen at least 50 different kinds of brand and flavor, I believe there are still more that I have not seen or heard of. There are treats that improves dental problems, there are treats that are good for training, there are even treats that just taste good without any benefits (I called it eat-for-fun). In this guide we will be going

What to get before your new dog arrives

So you have gotten a dog and it will be coming to your home these few days, and then you remembered something, to prepare all the necessary things for your new dog! While preparing everything is a good idea, most are generally useless and are not a must for your new dog, buying everything right away can also easily exceed one's budget. We will list down the things we feel are the most important ones for the first week. Note: * marks brand that we carry. 1. Crate/cage/play pen What's more important than a room/den for your dog? This is a place it should get used to, to learn to poo and pee, to eat, to sleep, to play. Place it somewhere neutral, not the toilet, not the room, you will want it to learn to be alone at times, trust us. For size, 3 x 2 feet crate is advisable for small dogs.

Treats...treats...and more treats!

It's our birthday month and as a Pet Lovers member we are entitled a 15% discount for this whole month. Amber is just so lucky to have such doting parents like us to spend quite a number of sums to buy a lot of treats for her (well...especially this month). LOL! This is just the first part, we are going to visit pet lovers for their birthday month offer again :) Do note that this post is not reviews for the treats we bought. We will make a review post for these treats after Amber finishes them. Here are some of the treats we bought on the first week of our birthday month:

World Pets Day @ East Coast Park

We brought Amber to East Coast Park for World Pets Day event on 30 sept, it started at 10:30am but we reached about 11:30am. The event was really small, with many booths squeezed into the small event hall. It was then we noticed the event was on grass, Amber did not wear any shoes because her current pair is too small, we are still waiting for the new pair of shoes to arrive from U.S.A. We also did not apply frontline on her, but we still decided to let her on the grass while making sure to check for ticks now and then. The event kind of disappointed us. When we reached, it was sort of a kids superstar contest, where children dance and sing to compete for prizes, after that program was a magic show, which was also non-pets related. We left the event after 15 minutes. We decided to walk Amber, she did really well on that day, which must be because the weather was pretty hot, probably drained her energy up in a short while! We walked on the pedestrian path but I could still see some cyc

Getting your dog to wear clothes

People are asking how come Amber allows us to wear clothes on her,  their dog always hide or become aggressive when they put clothes on them. While wearing clothes is not a must unless you live in very cold countries, it makes your dog look cute and easier to recognize at places that allows your dog to be off leashed. It is also a form of bonding and training for you and your dog, finishing this exercise would strengthen the relationship with you and your dog if done correctly. Why wouldn't the dog allow us to put anything on them? It is exactly the same reason why we humans wouldn't go out naked, it just feels awkward! It's the opposite for dogs, they are used to being naked and would feel weird putting clothes on. It is not because it is hot, it is simply because your dog is not used to it. Just like the first time you put collar on them, i am sure at some point they didn't like collars at first. It takes time and treats to let them know to trust you in everything y