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Visit to Taz cafe

It's been awhile since we had the time to bring Amber to a dog cafe, we used to be a frequent customer of Doggiestyle Cafe at NEX, however after moving location with the deteriorating of services, we didn't get to visit any new cafes until recently. Taz Cafe & Bistro is located at Jalan Leban, along Upper Thomson Road, this along with the recent Poodle Cafe were located nearest to us, we had wanted to visit Poodle Cafe initially but after hearing reviews about the place, we decided to try out Taz Cafe first. We took a cab in, the place was not that hard to find if you have an IPhone, we had to guide the driver as usual, they are so pampered that leading the way had became our responsibility, we reached in about 15 minutes.

Choking tools

Seriously, if someone tells you to use a choke chain on your small dog, walk away. Even with large breeds, it's not always necessary to use choking tools to correct a dog unless they have serious behavior problems. Training a dog using steel only causes fear and neck injuries in the long run, those who see their dogs shying away when choke chains are presented will understand what we mean. Most if not all puppies will pull during walks initially, either pulling from behind from not wanting to walk, or pulling in front of owners and rushing. If a steel is tucked underneath their throat and when they start pulling, you are putting force into their trachea, it CAN easily collapse and we are not joking. Puppies are growing animals, no matter how big they will grow into, they should never be introduced to choking tools right away.

Making decisions

Note: this article may contain experience and pictures which are graphic to some people, please refrain from reading on if you are sensitive. I was on my way for the usual walk while waiting for Nicole to come along, as the lift door open, all of the dogs attempted to dash out, as they were all on leash so all i had to do was to hold tight onto the leashes to stop them from rushing forward. All of a sudden, i heard a *pop* sound, a collar came off one of the dogs! I do know that this particular dog was a special case with serious behavior problem, to be exact, he snaps whenever he doesn't like anything. Instinctively, the first thought on my mind was, "what should i do?" with my hands reaching out to grab the dog by it's body first, remember that during this period of time i only had about 3 seconds (at the most) to react , i didn't even have a choice to reconsider but to just grab the dog first, then decide later, the second thought was "am i getting bitt

What should your dog be doing when you are not at home?

I'm sure most owners had felt guilty at least once in awhile for leaving their dogs alone at home, well this short article shares our experience on a dog's feeling and message based on their body language (do note that there is nothing psychic *sarcasm*, just pure science and experience), hopefully this can help you understand better on knowing if worrying is needed. If your dog is: Sitting close to the door Take note! Camping at the door can either be a form of anxiety or guarding behavior, it could even be both. If your dog barks whenever there are passerby, it's probably a guarding problem, if there are random whining or barking and you can't figure out the cause, then refer to the rest of the list below. If your dog is just resting near the door, then you may need to monitor closely for now. Remember, guarding is not because your dog loves you or wishes to protect your house, it is a stressful behavior then can lead to depression. http://ambertoypoodle.blogs

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