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Products Review - Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier

Needed a pet carrier for Amber, we were looking for something small and easy to carry. Had went to many pet shops to search for a suitable pet carrier, either it was too small and uncomfortable or too overpriced. Saw one unknown brand at pet lovers selling for $90 plus, it looked presentable but inside was quite badly produced. Finally we saw this on the internet, Sleepypod Pet Carrier , they had won numerous award for their first carrier and now they made one for small dogs and cats. We had the chance to look inside at the quality and size, at first i was afraid that Amber would not fit in when she grows into an adult but judging at the weight of up to 3.5kg for dogs, we decided to give it a go! Even if Amber grows up to over 3.5 kg and couldn't fit in we thought it should be about time we changed to a new carrier. Amber checking out the carrier Inside was spacious, especially the width. Amber do not have to worry about getting too fat because the width was 2 times her si

Amber goes to Nex Playground

19/5/2012 Saturday Nex was very crowded today, it was our first time bringing Amber there to Pet Safari Playground as well as the Doggy Cafe! We didn't know how to get in from the lift so we just went inside the Mall and found a cargo lift and thankfully no one kicked us out. I helped Amber to wear her shoes and brought her into the cafe, many dogs rushed in and tried to smell her! For Amber's first time reaction, she was very scared and tried to get away but the dogs followed, the biggest dog there was a golden retriever and it was also one of the most well trained and friendly dog among them. A shih tzu as well as 2 other dogs tried to hump her, i was following Amber to check on her from a distance to make sure she is safe as well as not being too near for her to hide behind me, right away before the dog get on top of her i used my fingers to push them away. One of the owner which was my wife's friend is one of the shih tzu owner's BF, i was almost going to help t

Pet Momo

Pets Momo has both an Online shop and a small shop at Upper Serangoon Rd We first saw the online shop, which mainly sell accessories and beds, no food. The items looked nice, and the pricing was in the affordable range. But because the website is so outdated, we decided to go down to the official shop to take a look. It was difficult to get there, as usual this is a problem with most pet shops, because the rental is expensive and pets are not really popular here in Singapore, businessman have to find cheap rentals to offset the earnings. It means that the area that they chose for the shop will always be harder to get to. We had to take the train to serangoon mrt, then take a bus for 2-3 stops, get down and then walk backwards for about 10 minutes. no this is a crocodile farm that attracted us on the way to Pets Mom o We finally found the shop! The shop looked very squeezy but nicely decorated. We walked in and was greeted by a guy, who looked quite young and was not ver

Amber's first trip to East Coast Park

12 May 2012 We decided to bring Amber to the beach! We asked a few people and dogs along, My grandma, sister Joanna, cousin, her boyfriend, my wife and me. I placed Amber in her carrier and we decided to take bus 401 to east coast. Of course we smuggled her up the bus, the carrier looked very much like sports bag and there were no obvious holes to see through, we totally zipped Amber inside and i don't think anyone would notice! Bus 401 takes very long to come and its only for weekends and public holidays. When we got up the bus, i sat near the window and placed the head of Amber towards it so that she can see through the black net. She looked very happy and would sometimes stare at me when i talked to other people. We finally reached, east coast park looked totally different than when i went about 6-7 years back. They even dug a hole for jet ski-ing. The hawker was just nearby, we went over at about 4:30pm to eat, saw signs of no dogs allowed which is so annoying! We just p

Tug of War!

Missy 2kg trying to win the Tug of War championship

Going out

After Amber had her 3rd jab, we have been bringing her out daily. Sometimes walks and sometimes in her atom carrier to people's house or food court. She seems to like her carrier very much though, we used to put treats in the carrier at first to make her accustom to it better. Now, whenever she sees us in the living room she would go into her carrier and stick her head out as if wanting to go out! can we going out now?


Singapore, Pets, Sales

It is hard to place happiness between Singapore, Pets and Sales. When it comes to Singapore and Pets, most people looking from outside(other countries) can easily see that we are far apart from bonding with our pets compared to our neighbours. For starters, we are not allowed to bring pets into public transports. Not the bus, not the train, not even some of the cabs. If one is to be caught having a pet on the bus, or the train, you get a fine. I have once tried asking the mrt staff at tanah merah MRT station. I asked whether it is ok to bring pets on the train, she answered no. So i replied "not even inside an unseen carrier"? to my surprise, she replied "you can bring, but you see the man inside the counter behind the MRT glass? He is very good at catching people who tries to smuggle  pets even in a very hidden bag. Theres once, he caught a school girl who put a small dog in her bag, get pulled into a corner and was reported to the police, she cried hard." This is

Amber's current life

Time passes so fast, Amber is 5 months old! Some pictures to celebrate. Amber's biting problem is alot better, about 50% done. Even if she bites, it is very painless, unlike before which stings slightly. Currently we are working on her walk, she still pulls the leash but is alot better than the first walk! Also the most annoying thing to teach her is over-excitement when meeting new people/strangers, she loves people too much that she licks all over the person's hand or face if carried too near. It is very hard at this point because people we meet are always also very excited, they make high pitch noise like "so cute", or "hahaha" and it makes Amber even more excited. We will work hard!

Amber is 5 months old~

Amber is now 5 months old! We celebrate with this video of her eating her dental chew, it is extremely chewy so she takes quite a while to finish it.

First Heartgard Plus

Amber is turning 5-month old soon, and we are going to bring her out more and more often, maybe everyday. It is best to start giving her Heartgard Plus - a medication for the prevention of canine heart worm disease (caused by mosquitoes) and treatment of ascarids (roundworms) and hookworms. I have checked some other brands which have the same purpose and resulted in Heartgard Plus being the most effective choice. The medication is available in chew-able tablets and should be given once a month. Amber is having Heargard Plus in BLUE box as she's a small-size breed. I have just given her a cube and she loved it, trying to finish as fast as she could! We have made a video of her trying the chew-able for the first time. Due to the hot and humid climax in Singapore, mosquitoes are really everywhere and  it is extremely important to prevent your doggies from getting heartworm disease. It can cost about a few hundreds to thousands dollar if occur. A box of heart