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Visit to Pet Stop

We had the chance to bring Amber for a swim, as Pet Stop had a pool and was near to our place, we decided to bring Amber there to try out the facilities. The charges for Amber were reasonable at $15 for a 1 hour swim (depending on the stamina of the dog), if we wish to let them shampoo and blow dry her it would be $25. We did not sign up for the bathing service after reading about feedback online, just wanted to try out the swimming session first before deciding next time. I called the shop to book for a slot, a lady picked up the phone and took down our request, after hearing about wanting to sign up for just swimming (without bathing), she asked, "so you want to bring your wet dog home?", it was a little awkward but I answered "yes". The place was along the main road (Upper Serangoon road) and fairly easy to spot, upon entering it looked like a normal pet store with grooming facility, however on the right was a ramp to the dog pool! The ramp was kind of steep

Understanding the difference between Facts and Entertainment

We have had so many people that come to us asking about dog training, and then suddenly linking them to psychics for no valid reason. There are many owners that do not understand the limit, this post is to clarify the difference and hopefully help you make better decisions, your final decision will greatly affect the relationship and life of you and your dog. Dog training uses scientific and logic to communicate with a dog, how effective the dog will react depends on a couple of things, first and foremost would be the owner - someone who spends the most time with the dog. The owner is the one that ultimately affects how the dog will behave in the long run, whether it is happy or not will depend on the lifestyle of it's owner. The second most important person will be the family, family have to work together and set straight goals to maximize the learning ability of the dog, remember that dogs do best in packs. The last will be the trainer, this trainer should be working with the o

Pet Cube

Pet Cube is a new brand of dog food in the market, we have fed a couple of guests with this food and have decided to write our opinion on this. Because Pet Cube is created locally, we'd like to emphasize that we have no relations to the company or whatsoever, all the information posted here is based on our PERSONAL OPINION and EXPERIENCE, if anyone is not happy with how it is written, just stop reading the blog. When we first heard about the food, we thought that this was a new brand of freeze dried because of the name (Cubes), however after feeding the first guest who brought this food along, we came to learn that Pet Cube actually comes in the form of either Raw or Cooked food. After reading and hearing some reviews, we thought that the positive and negative reviews sounds too far apart, either it is very positive or very negative, they all didn't seem to link together and we were wondering why, hence we came up with little experiments based on our experience on dog nutriti

Tips to improve on Recall

Recall is one of the most important command that owners should teach their dogs when they are still young, being able to run over to you when called can be a life saver in times of need, in this post we will share tips on helping your dog improve this important command. As always, we like to focus more towards the reason behind the action than the action itself, it is more important to understand the logic behind what you are doing, why and how it is effective rather than doing things blindly.


Our hearts are aching every time we see owners posting videos and pictures of their dogs eating durians, these poor dogs are unknowing eating because of owner's lack of experience, then risking having to be hospitalized one day, getting their lives threatened just because of selfish owners wanting to see their dogs eating human food. If you had read our blog from the beginning, you should understand that we do not enjoy interfering with other people's problem unless asked, sometimes we do try to post 1 or 2 comments, hoping to guide owners to the right path but we try our best not to pick our nose into their businesses. Seeing the poor dogs becoming from being strong and healthy to weak, obese and full of skin problems really hurts, a lot of them keep blaming on the dog's naturally born condition but continue making them worse without admitting and changing for the better, some even encourage others to do the same thing and this is really unfortunate.

Visit to Gold Coast 2015 - Part 1

We have been back from our trip for quite some time, this post was finished late as we we had difficulties finding time to write long articles. Our trip to Gold Coast went smoothly with little hiccups, weather was really good, it was a little cooler considering the time of the year and we enjoyed the occasional cool breeze. Gold Coast is famous for having a lot of activities to do, for young people there are a number of theme parks, hiking and water activities, for those who prefer to relax there are many restaurants, awesome hotels and a nice beach to enjoy, their zoos are also very good for the whole family to visit. We will not be focusing on other areas except for those with animals, in total we visited 3 places that has animals - Sea World, Dreamworld and Australia Zoo, there weren't enough time for Currumbin Santuary so we skipped this time round. View from Balcony Lobby


It's been awhile since we got to rest for a couple of days without guests, was planning to go for a short trip but cancelled at the last minute. We took this chance to work on Amber's over excitement when someone is at the door, she always get excited knowing that a stranger or someone she knows is coming and wants to interact with them. Currently we are stopping her from any interactions with strangers until she can be very calm even if people call out her name, strangers always like to touch and play with her unless we mention clearly that she cannot interact, some of them would make noise at her even after we had informed them about this, which actually slows down her training. Even so, Amber is now much better especially when meeting people who are calm in nature, she still fidget when people start screaming at her and jump around but we are almost there. This although is not very serious, might actually worsen her health when she becomes a senior dog, getting too excited