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Understanding the difference between Facts and Entertainment

We have had so many people that come to us asking about dog training, and then suddenly linking them to psychics for no valid reason. There are many owners that do not understand the limit, this post is to clarify the difference and hopefully help you make better decisions, your final decision will greatly affect the relationship and life of you and your dog.

Dog training uses scientific and logic to communicate with a dog, how effective the dog will react depends on a couple of things, first and foremost would be the owner - someone who spends the most time with the dog. The owner is the one that ultimately affects how the dog will behave in the long run, whether it is happy or not will depend on the lifestyle of it's owner. The second most important person will be the family, family have to work together and set straight goals to maximize the learning ability of the dog, remember that dogs do best in packs. The last will be the trainer, this trainer should be working with the owner/family throughout the lifetime of the dog, even if training ends it is important to keep in contact, just like how you would work with a vet.

The magician is someone who performs and impress the human, making them believe that the illusions are real, the thing is when someone calls him/herself a magician, you will most likely forget about the whole thing at the end of the day, however when this magician calls him/herself a psychic, it will start to affect your life and cause a lot of things to mess up. Your dog is an innocent animal that can be easily misinterpreted, most owners misinterpret their dogs not on purpose, but because they do not understand dog behaviors through science, but psychics don't, they purposely provide false information in the exchange of money. Your dog may seem better because your mood changed due to one particular event, then you start believing that it is happy, the truth is that nothing had changed, after awhile the dog will start being back to square one when your mood is neutral again, things worsen when humans start talking to their dogs non stop and believe that they can communicate, then it all goes downhill from there. Psychics provide words that can be pieced together by owners themselves, "it start with the letter p....", "your dog remembers a fun event", then owners will have to use their imagination to come up with something, like a game of crossword.

I have been studying about human and dog behaviors for a number of years, believe it or not, I can easily become a "believable psychic" by just using simple dog behavior and human psychology techniques, it is easy for me to predict dog behaviors and read their mood with just their photos, and I do not do that because I have a thing called conscience, I do not believe that tricking owners and betraying the dogs is the way to go, and worst still some might believe that I actually have "powers" that I do not know of.

I do understand the consequences I might face when creating this post, many will be angry and our business could be affected, but I do not care because I know that these dogs are still very unhappy and feeling worst because of their owner's bad decisions, we rather spread this clear message across than to risk more dogs being mistreated. We have already received questions from some owners we have trained, that their dogs are having problems again, when asked further we found that the reason was because they went to consult a psychic and messing up all the things that they have learned with us, it is very sad to see that when their dogs were really fine before.

Dog psychics are considered a form of entertainment, it should all be forgotten and put aside once it's over, if not your poor dog's life will be affected, please take good care of them!


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