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A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots? Return of Cuddles Cat Cafe culprit?

Just last year, Jonathan Tan Wei-De, the owner of Cuddles Cat Cafe at SCAPE was jailed 2 weeks for causing the death of 7 cats. Jonathan Tan Wei-De ( Cuddles Cat Cafe) "Jonathan Tan Wei-De was the owner of Cuddles Cat CafĂ© at *SCAPE, which was shut in December 2014 — less than four months after it opened. TODAY reported at the time that seven of the 30 cats bought for the cafe had died before the establishment was opened in mid-September." (source) Most would've thought that Jonathan had learned his lessons - to stop making money out of these poor animals as it was clear that he had no experience nor passion for them.  Well, not for Jonathan. After his jailterm, he went to Bangkok to start the same business all over again. If I was Jonathan and i really wanted to squeeze income out of animals again, i'd better play safe and start taking good care of them right?  Uh, not for Jonny! "A Thai netizen has now claimed that Tan fled Singapore with

Visit to Our Pet Store@Serangoon

Please note that this post is created to share our personal experience, if you are unable to accept honest and/or straightforward opinions then this blog may not be suitable for you. The first time I met the director (or one of the directors) was a guy named Bernard. Bernard to me was one of the most down to earth groomer I've met, the reason to meeting him was to talk about Yorkshire Terriers as I was planning to get one in future. When I first met Bernard, he was still having his late lunch and had to finish it quickly to speak to me. I learned a lot from him on that day and I am still thankful even if it is already a year later. Since the shop had won awards and Bernard had been telling me to try out his service, i decided to try them to help Amber create a new style. During slot booking with Bernard, I shared the style i was interested in through photos and told him that he could suggest anything according to his experience, he then referred me to a senior groomer