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Amber's Update - 14.04.2015

Amber's compilation 2014 It's been awhile since we updated on Amber, there isn't a lot of new things to share about but we'll try our best to list as much as we can. Amber is going to be 4 years old this December, she is very healthy at the moment but we do expect small issues to appear as she age. This girl is still active, very active I must say, not to be surprised because she is a high energy dog, she also tries her luck to test us out from time to time, for example, sometimes she would purposely walk in front during off leash and run back to our sides without any correction, she would also attempt to crawl to strangers when asked to stay, though not always but we still have to be firm and let her know that we are still watching! Well it's really funny when we think about it, but one thing we will not forget is to never let feelings take over our action during training, knowing that doing so is selfish and does not benefit her in any ways, we do however ta