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How to bath a dog with aggression

Having to groom a dog with aggression can be very dangerous especially if one doesn't have the experience and tools to protect themselves, with dogs of any size no matter  if they are small or large, can cut deep into human's delicate skin with ease, a dog's mouth can be said to be equivalent to our 2 hands together, so it is never wise to underestimate them. In this article we will share about the tips to successfully bath a dog without getting your hands bitten badly, note that we say this because there is absolutely no guarantee that anybody (no matter if they are professional or not) can escape being bitten, sooner or later you will have to face injuries if the problem is not resolved. A dog with aggression needs help in training, the article here is only for temporary sake, the best way to solve the problem is to first target the behavior of the dog, if not rectified the dog may turn even more aggressive in time to come, thinking that biting is the only way to stop any

Why following blindly is very dangerous

Whenever we ask owners this question after hearing what they do to their dogs: "Any reasons why?" Many of them are not able to provide a proper answer, most would answer that they "Don't Know", while others would answer "Because xxx also did this so I just followed". When it comes to dogs, a lot of owners would just follow blindly because the majority does so, or their friends said so. I'm sure many of you are guilty of this, but if you truly love your dog then you should stop thinking this way immediately. Dogs even though are strong and resilient in nature, can have their health/life destroyed by humans unknowingly, when it comes to food, medication and lifestyle, many have no idea what they are doing. In this article, we will share about the dangerous things we see owners following blindly, if you are one of them, don't worry because you still have a chance to learn, start changing your mindset now and you will thank us someday. Food

Bali safari trip - part 2

Waking up to the safari next day was a refreshing experience, we saw zebras running outside our window and fed them some carrots (complimentary from hotel) before leaving, it was very heartwarming to see the animals enjoy running around and having fun. We then left the hotel for our free buffet breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, honestly the food this time were below average, very limited choices and they all tasted like microwaveable food, only good thing was being able to watch the lions again. During this time we actually noticed another corner of the restaurant having meerkats behind the glasses, they were located very near to the entrance and we didn't notice them all along, we love meerkats! They were very curious and seemed to enjoy interacting with humans, standing on two legs are their trademark pose when they want to know what is going on ahead, in the same area there were also some porcupines, which will only come out at night when the meerkats are not around. View