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Will Facebook ever fix this????

I  was notified of a case from an unhappy customer, after listening to the problems I am starting to doubt Facebook's business ideal. Here's the story: David (not his real name), was very disappointed in an online groomer and had left negative reviews on their page, moments later he received a threat message that demands him to remove his review or he will be charged for "defamation".  He continued to maintain his position as an unhappy customer, so the groomer had no choice but to remove their review function, which hides away all reviews.  All sounds normal right, now the worst part - the groomer started to receive a lot of complains from different people! So what the owner did? Just change the name of the business on Facebook page!! And the crappiest part, due to Facebook's weird policy, changing of business name can still retain previous likes and reset review score at the same time. So in another words, a page with 5000 likes can simply pass over to another b

Amber's soft side

We were walking Amber in the park and decided to stop at a playground for her to have a little fun (it was an isolated playground). At the playground we decided to play a bit of catching by hiding and let Amber search for us, she always enjoyed this game at home. As it was dark, Amber couldn't really see us by just using her eyes, especially if we stood still leaning towards the pillar, the eyesight of dogs are not very strong, they are really good at spotting moving objects though! So if anyone is standing in a dark area without movements, most dogs will not be able to spot them by just using their bare eyes. To counter this issue, they will usually rely on their nose to track things that they are looking for, in Amber's case she had forgotten to use her nose! We made use of this chance to watch her reaction when left alone in an unknown environment, she started off with her tail wagging and running around the place to look for us, after about 30 seconds being unable to fi