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Unethical dog businesses

From time to time we will share news and reports of claims about other owner's bad experience with dog services in Singapore, this although could be baseless claims, are actually very important for people to take note of. Our goal is not to side either parties, but to let viewers decide for themselves whether or not to take preventive measures, we stand on the side of dogs and will not tolerate them being made used of. We recently shared a claim about a pet store selling puppies that seemed to have contacted diseases when it was brought home, the conversation stated that this pet store promised the puppy is in good health before purchase was made, apparently after a couple of days this was not the case, the pet store then blamed on the owner for not bringing the puppy back right away when it showed symptoms, this was also not the first case from the particular pet store, hence we simply shared a screenshot of a conversation between a customer and the pet store, we hoped that if t

Tara & Tasha

Dog myth 09: My dog growls because it is just acting

Dog Myth 09 - My dog growls because it is just acting When a dog growls there can be a lot of meaning behind and no, acting is not one of the reasons. Growling is one of the very few ways that dogs can communicate verbally, in nature there are only two kinds of growls, which are both triggered by instinct, one is growling during plays/activities, you may hear this when a dog is hunting, playing with toys or with another dog, the other simply means warning, which usually sounds deeper than play growls, the dog is warning something or someone to back off, if the situation still does not benefit the dog it may then bark, snap, freeze still or back off, freezing still does not mean that the dog is not doing anything, it is a warning sign. Nowadays, a lot of owners do not want to understand anything about their dog, they like to humanize anything that looks cute to them, this is selfish and does not benefit the pet in any form of ways, it will only cause more misunderstandings and will

Paws & Friends Event 2014

Video here: August was a month filled with dog events, we had actually planned to leave the slots empty for this period of time but Fluffy's stay had to be extended due to unforeseen circumstances, so we decided to bring him along! Hana could not tag along with us to Discover Dogs 2014 as we were concerned about her heat period, which might cause issues with other male dogs out there, with outdoor events they are also prone to accidents like vehicles, aggressive dogs and picking up of food, after seeing incidents caused by irresponsible owners/people out there, we are now very careful about bringing more than 2 dogs out for events, we want to make sure that we can really control the situation and watch over them very closely to prevent any unwanted accidents. Tasha, Amber & Fluffy! We took a cab reminding the driver that Bishan Active Park was the destination but were dropped off at Bishan Park instead, so we took the chance to have a stroll with the furkids,