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Pet Products Review - Yogi Water Bowl

Having tried and used many different kinds of pee trays, Yogi Pee Tray proved to be the best. Because of this we have recently gotten their water bowl and would also like to give our personal review on it. Yogi is a brand that was created in Korea, designed by POWDA, their list of pet products are fairly limited but every single item is known to be simple and innovative, this had inspired other manufacturers to create similar products that are of lower quality. Yogi Water Bowl is something that may look strange at first glance, it is a water bowl and yet you can't really any water in it, resulting in people wondering whether it is a food or water bowl.

Dog selection tips Part 1 - Buy or Adopt?

We would like to share some tips on Dog selection, the pros and cons of the decision you make and also what to expect, this serves to provide additional knowledge for those who have already owned a dog and those who are interested in getting one in future. This guide will be broken down into 3 sections and is advisable to be read from Part 1 to Part 3, feel free to ask if there is anything unsure. Introduction Usually when talking about getting a dog most people would put Dog Breed as their first step towards choosing a dog, however in this guide it will be different as we place Buy or Adopt first. Reason is because we feel that situations like birth environment and how a particular dog is brought up defines the dog's character, health and habit much more than the nature of the breed itself. Do note that we are talking about dogs in Singapore, breeds like pit bull terriers, wolf hybrid and other uncommon breeds that is rare or not available in this country should not be taken

Testimonial - Kenneth & Charlene

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Testimonial - Kenneth & Charlene (text version)

"As first time owners, we did not know what having a dog meant. Watching episodes of the dog whisperer made training the dog easy enough but they were not as simple after we got cupcake. We could never touch her ears, she growls when feeding and she would snap at us (we later realize that these were signs of fear aggression). When Jeryl and Nicole arrived at our doorstep, we were surprised to see a young couple. Nevertheless, they immediately showed their professionalism and love for dogs. They spent time talking to us and observing the dog. While Jeryl did the main training, Nicole had her handy notebook to record their observations. They were impossibly patient, repeatedly giving the commands till the puppy learnt and obeyed. What we really love is the customised experience. With the training at our home, they were able to give good advice on what we should or should not do (for first time owners, we really made a few faux pas). After telling them what problems we faced,

Testimonial - Jessica

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Testimonial - Jessica (text version)

A great Thank You to both Jeryl and Nicole that I now have an obedient and lovable dog, Tara. Few months back, I bought a two months old toy poodle after doing much research on dog breeds. Toy poodles are naturally intelligent and excellent for a first time dog owner. However, there were still many common problems that I faced such as toilet training, biting and walking thus I went online, hoping to look for solutions on how I should counter them. That was when I came across the Red Toy Poodle Story. I was amazed on the tips given and the clear instructions on many dog issues. I went ahead to email Nicole on the problems I was facing and she gave me one whole page of her opinions according to her experiences. She was not selfish at all in sharing her thoughts so I decided to engage them as trainers, believing they would solve all my problems. True that, Tara was toilet trained after the second lesson and all other problems were minimised as well. Jeryl would still constantly text

An encounter during walk

Recently while walking the dogs, I met a large breed mongrel, it's owner was waiting for the lift in front of us. They were pretty far away, about 100 meters from where I was standing so I couldn't see very clearly, then suddenly the dog came running towards us, I then found out that it was not leashed! I was in time to access the mongrel's situation to know that it was not aggressive, his owner was shouting his dog's name from the lift, apparently the dog didn't listen at all. Now, one of our boarding dog growled at the mongrel, in which the mongrel growled back at him, not wanting to risk any accidents (though the mongrel didn't show any symptoms of aggression), I shouted "No" and leaned my body forward at the dog and it backed off. The owner then started to apologize to me, not wanting to argue nor encourage his actions, I did not say anything but simply walked away. Even though the dog is probably adopted, I knew that the owner was very inexper