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Products Review - Chris Christensen's Series

Brush We decided to give Chris Christensen's products a try after our previous Madan brushes started to wear off. Chris Christensen's products are known to be one of the best in the dog show market, the quality of materials used for their brushes and combs are always voted by professional groomers to be durable, safe and comfortable for dogs. However the downside is that Chris Christensen's products are very expensive, in this case we will recommend for owners to have at least some basic understandings about dog grooming before buying. We spent over $300 getting a few of Chris Christensen's products, mainly the #000 - 7.5inch Butter Comb, 20mm Gold Pin, Mark II Small Slicker and some conditioners. Upon receiving our items, we opened each of them up and checked the for defects thoroughly, everything was expectedly well received, no scratches or any defect noticed. Below we will list down individual brushes/comb and our thoughts on it, note that this is not a profess

101 Dog Myths 05: It's alright to let dogs bark

Dog Myths 05 - It's alright to let dogs bark This is a very old saying - dogs that does not bark are not dogs. Dogs bark for a reason, just like why babies cry, it means something is wrong and you need to fix it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with training a dog not to bark, when dogs bark it actually means something is wrong - intruders, attention seeking, communication, hazard, hypersensitivity, in discomfort/pain. Never listen to people that say that dogs bark because they are dogs, they can actually get extremely stressed barking all day long and soon enough health issues will start to surface at early stages, and this can means harm to both physical and mental state.