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Maranatha Vet

Please note that this post is created to share our personal experience, if you are unable to accept honest and/or straightforward opinions then this blog may not be suitable for you. We always have the habit to bring Amber for yearly check up together with her vaccination. When Amber was 5 years old, the vet at Light of Life, which is also our regular and only trusted vet at that point of time, mentioned that Amber's teeth had accumulated plague but didn't require immediate attention. We decided to wait another year before sending her for dental scaling, which was just recently. The vet at LOL also mentioned that we could use a round object, for example coin to scrap off a bit of plague from her teeth for the time being, honestly i did not agree with this but kept my opinion to myself. By the end of 2017 Amber would be 6, i noticed her breath was getting worst with some tartar build up along her gum line, so the first thing I did was to do a check on different vets

Shock Collar - Right or Wrong?

Click for link E-Collars, not to be confused with Elizabethan collars, are a type of training device that can send shock, vibration or even spray to the wearer. Many like to call them shock collars. image from google Shock collars were originally used the 60s to train hunting dogs, the amount of shock were rather strong, which was necessary in a way as people wanted to minimize the chance of the dogs not responding. For example, getting the dog to return, to stop chasing after the wrong target, to let go of prey and so on. As the years go by, shock collars were being redesigned to cater to regular dog owners that wish to have their pet dogs trained to listen. The size of the collars were reduced to fit smaller breeds, shock levels customizable, vibration and even sprays are being incorporated into shock collars these days. So, is it wrong to use shock collars?  Are they really good as those users like to claim, or actually bad as positive trainers like t