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Amber's first swimming trip - Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre

Today was a special day for Amber, it was her first ever swimming trip, we took her to Canine Wellness & Rehab, this place was located at Telok Kurau, in a corner that was quite hard to get to unless by cab, there's a bus stop nearby but if we didn't remember wrong only 2 buses were available. We got Amber this Rogz brand ball so that she could play in the pool

Testimonial - Joey Kong (text version)

"I’ve always wanted a small dog few years ago. I used to have one normal street dog, raised him since he is a puppy. But after I moved into an apartment, I had to give him up to my sister in law who own one landed house with space for him as well. I’m a dog lover but lack of patience. 3 weeks ago, my husband brings me to see a toy poodle. I was so excited and happy. He is 2 months old named Milo (pronounce as Mai Lo). Before making this decision, I asked questions like will he make a lot of noise and bark a lot cause I’m staying in an apartment. And the owner told me that he will just whine a bit cause he will need time to adjust himself at the new environment. So, the first night with Milo, the nightmare started because he was whining middle of the morning at 4am. I called up the owner and share to him about my situation. End up he ask me to cover the crate with a cloth, then Milo will keep quiet. So no choice, I took his piece of advise but I did not stop searching for solution

Ending of Toffee's Basic Obedience Training

Last week was the 3rd and last lesson of Toffee's training, some of you may have heard of Toffee, he is a 3.5 months old toy poodle puppy that is undergoing obedience training. Among other dogs that trained with us, Toffee was considered one of the brightest we've had, apart from the fact that he was a poodle which are supposed to be an intelligent breed, his family actually played a bigger role in speeding up the training process, which is why we purposely made a post just for this, we strongly believe this will help people to study how different owners do things and how much it can affect their dog's training process.

Update on Amber's life

Amber is now 1 year and 5 months old, there had been changes in her lifestyle and attitude throughout this year and we think it is good to share them. Play bites  picture of a mischievous 3 month old Amber  We had almost fully eliminated Amber's play bite problem until when we return from our trip, she became much more playful and always want to play bite with us, we have put a lot of work into this and Amber knows it but she needs more time, we understand as she is only with us for 3 weeks since our return.

Pets & Animals in Japan (Part 1)

Pets & Animals in Japan (Part 1) (Click Here for Part 2) We are back from Japan, it has been about 3 weeks since our return! We missed Amber so much and went to get her from her caretaker the next morning! Amber was very happy to see us, we hid behind the gate and watched her but Amber noticed and turned to us right away, excited as she should be, it was understandable. Pets & Animals in Japan - A Personal Perspective Amber-like plushie in Japan

Importance of Basics

Ever since we started to blog about dogs, we had received a lot of questions and feedback on Amber's behavior and how we managed to train her on obedience, unlike other thoroughly trained dogs, Amber is actually happy and playful just like any dogs out there, however some had doubts and had asked us a lot of questions regarding our methods, therefore we think it is good to explain some of the stuff we do and how we believe benefits the dog.

Amber Painting

A painting of Amber which i had done during my free time, we had a few inquiries about owners wanting to do a similar painting for their dogs too, as i do not have a lot of free time you may have to wait a while before it is your turn! Feel free to email us at for more questions~