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Pets & Animals in Japan (Part 2)

Pets & Animals in Japan (Part 2) (Click Here for Part 1) Before you continue reading on, we just want to clarify that this is in fact just our personal opinion and view, we are not any representative or any sort of affiliation, if you are easily offended by any form of views towards, people, animals and/or animals treatment, please do not continue reading below.   Animals captivity During our trip in Japan, we also went to Ueno zoo, this was one of the more popular zoos in Japan, it was really big and there were lots of animals there, however upon reaching we had already seen poor pandas being enclosed in glasses, it was still okay to see them in glasses but the problem is these glasses were divided into 2 parts, to separate the two pandas so that viewers will be able to enjoy more views. It was really sad to see this, and we could feel the panda's boredom, they were not really moving much, and when the staffs removed the dividers for feeding time, these pandas looked exc

Amber's strengths and weaknesses

Amber is doing well as usual, learning new commands and tricks to impress children and her caretakers. Now she will be 2 years old this December, her character is more or less fixed and we want to share with you her strengths and weaknesses. This is not to compare, but to let people understand that all dogs no matter how well they look will still have their weaknesses, and that doesn't mean we should give up. Weaknesses: High energy  We expected Amber to be in the high energy category but she was way beyond our expectation, for her size and age this was the most hyper active dog we have ever seen. Even at almost 2 years of age, the excitement level did not reduce much, 1 hour walk is the minimum amount for Amber, even after returning from walks and bathing she will still run about in the house, asking for more exercises and play time. Rarely did we get to see Amber being relaxed, even with proper training this was the best she could be, we can't imagine how bad it wou

Things to consider before getting a dog

Dogs may look cute but do you have what it takes to raise them? Dogs are men's best friends. They are cute, lovely, loyal and most importantly a good companion! But before you get yourself a dog, do consider, dogs are not only cute and lovely, they are not easy to raise. You need to make sure you can take care of your dog for the next 12 years or more :)

Cage or Free Roam

We recently caught up with a friend, an adopter who is also a dog rescuer, she just gotten to know of our training services and we talked for quite a while. Through our conversation she came to know that we actually recommended cages instead of letting dogs free roam, so she asked this, "why do you want to cage dogs?", I thought for a moment and then decided to explain briefly the pros and cons of introducing dogs cages especially when owners cannot be there to monitor them, we thought that it would be great if our readers can hear both sides of the story. Do note that there were no disagreement during the conversation, everything was purely sharing of our theories and we respect each other's decision. She told us that her advisor, who is also the head of the foundation did not recommend placing a dog in the cage, he advised everyone to let their dogs roam freely even at night. Knowing that we do training and boarding, she wanted my opinions on this matter. I explained