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First Butt Smelling

Took Amber for a walk yesterday's evening and saw an old couple walking with a Schnauzer. The couple seemed to like Amber a lot but their dog barked at us when we walked past them. Amber was afraid, she backed a few steps but did not bark back. I stood still while she tried to back away, I did not want her to be scared of barking so I told her to sit while the Schnauzer still barked at us. Then the old couple's wife spoke. "My boy is trying to make friend with your toy poodle" I said: "but he's barking loudly at us, kinda too excited to make friends huh?" Then the wife replied: "Look at its tail, it's waggling harshly, they are friends now." "But Barking is not a way to make friend with each other, let's wait for your boy to chill off a little first?" I replied. Then I told the old couple to walk a few distance with their Schnauzer to calm him down first, I caught up with them after. The boy seemed to be not as excit


Kiti Dogi Pet

Our very first few groomers for our bunny Chocolate. It was hard to find a rabbit groomer especially nearby our house. We went to a few shops and finally saw Kiti Dogi P et s, they used a different shop name last time i have no idea why it was changed but the owner is the same person. A middle age lady, who approached us when we were browsing the store. We told her Chocolate need a rabbit groomer and she asked us to book an appointment with her. The first time was quite ok, pleasant speaking and even introduced some products to us. On the first appointment, she sort of spoke to us in a harsh tone that we shouldn't put beddings and pellet food in the carrier and should just put newspaper instead. We were kind of shocked because we don't even know anything about that and she should have just spoken nicely. Then she brought Chocolate into the back of the shop and asked us to go somewhere else while she groom, we did ask if we could look but she said no. After the grooming was do

Dig Dig Dig

One of Amber's new hobby ~~~

It's Friday the 13th as well as Amber's OFFICIAL FREEDOM~!!!

Last De-worming

Amber just had her last de-worming medicine for her third and last vaccine. Yay~!! Finally! She's going to have her  OFFICIAL  freedom tomorrow!!?!?!! Made a video while she was having her left-over de-worming medicine, do enjoy!! her reaction after tasting her left-over medication

The beginning of her rebellious stage

Amber is in her 4th month and 2nd week now, she has been pretty obedient between her 3rd and 4th month. However she started to rebel a few days ago. Well...just a week ago she was still very attentive and so much less chewing. Now all her bad habit seems to like coming back, and even start to try her boundaries. Last Sunday, 08.04.2012, she pulled the pee pad out of her pee tray and she would rip the pee pad and newspaper all over her playpen, once in the morning (when we woke up) and once at night (after we came home from movie). This behavior has been consisting for 3 days as we were pretty busy and unable to monitor her. Since we are free from today onward, we are going to "correct" this behavior from now on. All we did is to stop her when she's trying to bite or paw the pee tray, so far so good, nothing happened today. Just need to maintain the consistency and I'm sure this behavior will be corrected in no time :) Just remember, ALL THESE behaviors and actions

Video: Amber's Lullaby Test

We have made a video to test out some of the doggies' lullabies on Amber. Enjoy~

Happy Good Friday~

Amber's 4th Month~~

Yay, Amber has finally reached her 4th month! Time sure passed fast, she has been living with us for a month now and things going to start pretty nasty soon. Yes, Amber is going to reach her rebel age (around 4th mth ~ 6th). Of course we will still going to maintain our discipline and training, no lacking. Game on!!

I Love My Pets CONTEST!

Sent a photo to join a contest today by Pets Day Out! (will review the Sleepypod Carrier soon) Initially we submitted this photo: It was rejected because they only wanted 1 photo instead of a few in one shot, i thought making the photo into a story looks cool, oh well it is ok! We chose another photo and sent over! This is the final photo: Click HERE to see the original contest

Happy April Fools' Day!!