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Dog Communicators

Ever heard about dog communicators? Well we want to share our opinions on them, personally we feel that more and more people are engaging in these people rather than getting professional help. We think that this is a very serious issue and hopefully readers of our blog can learn a thing or two from our opinions, then decide for yourselves whether or not you want to place your trust in those that call themselves dog communicators.

Sopra Ginza Grooming Shop Review

Note: At the time of writing this post, we had actually visited Sopra Ginza twice and have different opinions on both visits, we will separate them into 2 parts - "First Visit" and "Second Visit". First Visit  Sopra Ginza was founded in Japan, we do not know how popular they were in Japan but what we knew was that this shop is getting more and more popular in Singapore. We were actually curious if it was because of paid advertisements, or was it because of the hype that it originated from Japan (Singaporeans are very fond of Japanese cultures), or maybe it was simply the fact that Sopra Ginza was really good at what they do. Well we had the chance to experience for ourselves and bring you our personal review of the shop!

Testimonial - Dez (text version)

"It was great to have Jeryl and Nicole as dog trainers for my 4 month old puppy Schnauzer , Tommy. I first came across Amber Toy Poodle even before adopting Tommy, when I posted a question on a Pets forum asking how one can choose a suitable puppy from a litter of several. Jeryl responded with great enthusiasm and answered many of the queries that I had about selecting a puppy. But the biggest takeaway was that he made me realize there was a lot more to learn about pack leadership in order to bring up my puppy to be sociable and well behaved.

Testimonial - Stephanie (text version)

"When I first brought back my toy poodle, Coco, she was only 2 months old. Like a teddy bear, brown and extremely cute. My hubby and I are both new to pets….totally clueless. What we thought about having a puppy was to get her a cage, toys and food then teach her to pee and poo at the place we wanted. When Coco came into our family…gosh~ it wasn’t as simple as I thought. She pee and poo wherever she likes, bites and growl at my girls (aged 4 and 7). Got into a shock seeing her behaviour and seeking everywhere for help from friends and even read from forum and stuff. Some say beat her, cane her and punish her….and I even got commented saying I don’t even know how to take care of a puppy, why get one and let the poor puppy suffer. So heart aching to hear that =(