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Fur 'N' Away Review

Continued from our expo trip at the fur n away booth.. We went over to the plush puppy section, there were big discounts for all the Plush Puppy products, we decided to stock up shampoos for Amber, I went over and asked about "All Purpose" shampoo, a young female staff attended to us and explained to us about the products. She repeated regular things a staff would say about their products even though we informed that we were already using Plush Puppy shampoo, things like "our products are very good if you buy you will see it for yourselves", we smiled to each other and listened. She then looked at Amber and reached out to her, Amber jumped up to her and we corrected it, the staff then asked Amber's age and we told her Amber was almost 1 year old, she made a cringed expression and told us that puppies are supposed to be like that, we replied that even so we still have to teach her, she made another weird expression. I then asked her about styling cream for dogs

Tips on selecting treats (part 2)

In part 1 , we shared tips on selecting good quality treats, in this section we will share on the variety of dog treats and how to utilize them. Whenever you go into a pet store, you will always see treats in many different sizes, it may be confusing to select something from so many varieties at first, but once you know what you are doing you will find that it is actually a very simple and enjoyable process! It is always good to first decide what kind of treats you are looking for, we have list down some points for you to see and decide for yourself what are the scenarios you can use treats for, also some tips and information on how to improve them.

More about Amber

Amber is a toy poodle, smaller in sizes than most of the toy poodles out there mainly because she is the last to be born out of the litters of 4, also she is a female which are usually smaller than males. If she is to be taken and bred with another toy poodle of same or smaller size, her puppies would be what people call "teacup poodles". These are very unhealthy and unrecognized breeds, these "teacups" has serious health issues, they cannot be taken for run, they also cannot jump or would result in joint problems. Amber is considered the better size for a healthy toy poodle, she also has a long body considering her height and size, like a dachshund. Amber's shoes is sized 2. Amber is brown in color, not to be mixed up with mahogany red, most red poodle's color fades off as they grow older, products can help to retain or enhance the red temporary but they cannot prevent fading. I would say Amber is now brown in color but her ears are growing some light cre

Dangerous dogs There are always cases of dogs attacking people, most if not all of the serious cases are done by large dogs. Dogs like Pit bulls and Rottweilers are categorized as some of the most dangerous dogs in the world. I am sure that most of the attacking cases are due to lack of training, meaning the owners are the main cause for these aggressive dogs, these selfish people own the breeds either because they think it's cool or because they just want a guard dog to protect their house. Turns out the dog attack their neighbors, passer-bys and even the owners themselves, there's even this recent case of a dog that bit the neighbor's baby and killed him.

Shinee's Stay with Us

If you have followed our facebook page or youtube channel you should know that Shinee has been staying with us for almost 3 days! Shinee is going to be with us for 12 days before going home. Shinee is supposed to be here for home boarding as well as some obedience training, we always do our best to provide help for people and their dogs, new dogs are nothing new to us and we have confidence that Amber and Shinee will get along and bring new skills back once their owner return. Unlike Amber, Shinee is a medium energy dog which is good to teach and train, we will test out different methods to teach Shinee and provide the owner with instructions if they need it. We want to thank the owner Joey for allowing us to include Shinee in this blog, most people are shy or unwilling to let their dogs be shown online because they wouldn't want to show the "ugly" side of their dogs. This time the owner of Shinee is willing to let people learn from the videos and enjoy his progress,