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Dangerous dogs

There are always cases of dogs attacking people, most if not all of the serious cases are done by large dogs. Dogs like Pit bulls and Rottweilers are categorized as some of the most dangerous dogs in the world. I am sure that most of the attacking cases are due to lack of training, meaning the owners are the main cause for these aggressive dogs, these selfish people own the breeds either because they think it's cool or because they just want a guard dog to protect their house. Turns out the dog attack their neighbors, passer-bys and even the owners themselves, there's even this recent case of a dog that bit the neighbor's baby and killed him.

If you are reading this blog, most probably you are a dog lover and would agree to what I've said, but in this article I'm not here to please people that are reading, but to tell everyone how serious this issue is. There are over 150 breeds of dog in the world, ranging from small, medium to large dogs, large dogs needs more experience to handle compared to smaller breeds, which are not suitable for a first time dog owner. Although there are naturally calm and gentle large breed dogs like the Golden Retriever, larger dogs are proven to be much harder to leash train compared to similarly calm and gentle toy breeds like the Maltese. If a Maltese pulls you during walks, it is nothing as compared to a Golden Retriever pulling, not only you are hurting yourself mentally but also physically by being pulled by dogs bigger than your size. Not only that, there are also higher chances that your dog would get into accidents during walks, untrained dogs also tend to lunge at other people and dogs, smaller dogs would deal much lesser damage, and stronger ones generally end the result into a bloody scenario.

You may think why not when Cesar Millan from dog whisperer can train a very submissive and calm Pitt Bull so why can't we? First of all we are not him, we do not have the dog knowledge that he has with dogs, we do not train our dogs the way he train his, we do not have the calm energy he has, and secondly he ALWAYS chooses a medium - low energy dog, i cannot guarantee the same result if his Pitt Bull was a high energy one. Everybody will say "my dog is a good dog, it will never bite", but deep inside them are they really sure? I'm sure your dog has played bite with you at certain point of their life, do you know that play bites can result in aggressive fights in dogs without warnings?

Most dog lovers would get angry and argue that it is not the size and more likely that small dogs bite people much more than big dogs. This is true, but small bites rarely lands a person in hospital or death, it is the big bites that are dangerous, hence when someone walk pass a person with large dog it is not wrong to be afraid and keep away from them because they do not even know if the person holding the dog is an experienced handler. We have to understand that size DOES matter, if a small dog gets aggressive anyone can get out of the attack with no trouble, where else if a big dog gets violent, one would almost imagine themselves in a life threatening situation, this the biggest difference in my opinion.

What i want to encourage people through this article firstly is this, if you are planning to get a dog, do keep in mind if you want to get a large breed dog, are you strong physically and mentally? Can you handle the stress if the dog gets aggressive? Are you able to afford professional help if things don't go well? Get a small dog if you have doubts, please don't cause more large dogs to be put down because of selfish behaviors to satisfy your own desire without thinking of consequences. Do consider if the breed is allowed in your location/country before getting them, many illegal animals and breeds are smuggled into the country, these animals will be put down if caught, no amount of protest can save your dog in this kind of situation.

Secondly, do give a thought about people outside, nobody knows or cares how well we trained our dogs, they are free to have their own instincts to avoid anything they find dangerous, instead we should just continue our part by training our dogs well, with hopes that more and more people will see well behaved dogs on the street, learning to accept and love them. You should always pick up after your dogs, put your dog on leash if it is not trained, have muzzle on for breeds that should be muzzled, or dogs that shows aggression.

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