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Fur 'N' Away Review

Continued from our expo trip at the fur n away booth..

We went over to the plush puppy section, there were big discounts for all the Plush Puppy products, we decided to stock up shampoos for Amber, I went over and asked about "All Purpose" shampoo, a young female staff attended to us and explained to us about the products. She repeated regular things a staff would say about their products even though we informed that we were already using Plush Puppy shampoo, things like "our products are very good if you buy you will see it for yourselves", we smiled to each other and listened. She then looked at Amber and reached out to her, Amber jumped up to her and we corrected it, the staff then asked Amber's age and we told her Amber was almost 1 year old, she made a cringed expression and told us that puppies are supposed to be like that, we replied that even so we still have to teach her, she made another weird expression. I then asked her about styling cream for dogs, she got confused and asked her boss over, I explained to the guy (boss) and he didn't seem to understand what I was talking about, I told him that i wanted something that can help Amber with styling her hair, he thought for awhile and showed me a brochure of products for show dogs, he then told me everything I wanted to hear about styling products, he was pretty skeptical about promoting dog show products to me, probably because he knew that I am not involved in dog shows, i do understand his point in not wanting us to waste money on dog show products but I still feel that if a customer is asking for a particular product, as a sales person you should always provide what is asked for instead of feeling uneasy introducing them. I have to admit that he does know about dog grooming, he could explain every single product well, he also recommended some Plush Puppy shampoos for Amber, I decided to buy some Plush Puppy products so i asked him about delivery, he said we had to exceed $100 to get home delivery, we ordered 3 shampoos, All Purpose, Natural Body Building and Natural Conditioning, as well as a bottle of Styling Cream, i told him we will come back later to pay for it since they only accepted cash. I could see that he wasn't very keen on doing the delivery even though we exceeded the $100 expectation, he said "eh... *pause*...ok then" in low tone after I calculated the items to him.

 While on our way to the ATM, we browsed through the dog show brochure and saw a product that say it is able to help with calming dogs, it was a small bottle with description stating that it is made of natural ingredients, we were interested in the product and decided to get back and ask for more assistant regarding the directions for applying.

We went back to the booth but couldn't find the guy, the same female staff whom we just had an uncomfortable conversation with attended to us again, I proceeded and asked about this calming product, she explained me that I would just need a drop of the solution onto Amber's neck and it will help to calm her down, AGAIN after the explanation she continued her irritating blabber about why we wanted the calming solution, as Amber is still a "puppy"! I was like what the hell, I explained that I was simply interested in the product, just tell us what is it about and how to apply will suffice, I then asked for the price and she had no idea, but asked us to wait for the guy to come over. He came and told us the price which is at $60+, this time I asked him about the usage of the product again and he said a totally different thing, he explained that the product was to be taken orally, under the tongue of the dog, I questioned about the female staff telling us that it was to be applied on the neck instead, the guy was surprised to hear what we were told but he didn't bother asking who was the staff who said that, I then voluntarily pointed the girl and he just replied no it was not used like what she told us. When you bring in a new staff, they should always be taught about the products and how to use them correctly, if one does not know then it is their responsibility to be honest and answer that they do not know and proceed to ask the seniors, not coming up instructions that doesn't exist. This staff probably doesn't know much about dogs, doesn't know proper customer service and of course do not understand the products her employer is selling, this totally brought the shop down in reputation, although we understand that a single person doesn't not represent the whole store, it cannot escape the fact in us questioning why did the shop even take in such people in the first place? Why no response when we pointed the staff that instructed nonsense in their own product?

We did not get to see the grooming skills of Fur n Away, as such we could only review the store based on the products and customer service, the offer was really worth it (offer valid just for the expo event), service was not that bad from the guy, but the inexperienced and impolite staff brought everything downhill. The booth was quite hard to find if you haven't seen Plush Puppy products before. The actual store location when we inquired was really out of reach for people taking public transport. Range of products were good for Plush Puppy brand but not all were on display, which was slightly disappointing.

Product range:


Overall: 5.5/10

How scoring works:

Lowest * Highest *****
Product range: The range of products available.
Service: Customer service, how well they know their products, how friendly are they, are they pushy in sales?
Price: Affordability based on the brand and quality, also taking account to other similar quality products.
Location: The area the store is located, whether it is near to bus stops, MRT, whether it is located inside a shopping mall or hard to find places.

Overall Score for shops:

Average total calculated from all the criteria involved.
1-2 = Bad, will only visit after 6 months to see if theres any improvement
3-4Below Average, but not hopeless
5-6 = Neutral, can be better
7-8 = Great, to be taken note of
9-10 = Outstanding! Worthy of ***** on our review list


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