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Looking at this photo below, it may seem like nothing more than an owner walking her dog, but what lies beneath are potential risks that can actually endanger both the owner and dog’s lives. Owner is standing too close to the edge of the road, together with loose leash that is at least 1 meter long, this creates potential life threatening situation where the untrained dog can easily dash towards the road and get knocked down by incoming vehicles. Same thing for pathway, cyclist and e-scooters has higher chances to injure your dog if you do not practice proper leash handling. At times of panic, most dogs will tend to dash. With a short leash, you get more much control over your dog’s movement and can react much better in times of need. On top of the above points, staring at your mobile phone while crossing the road increases the chances of accidents happening at a much higher rate! This is a very common sight that I encounter regularly and I feel that owners should be more careful