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How to reduce separation anxiety

When you first bring your new dog home, it will most likely experience a certain level of separation anxiety, this is very common with all dogs, main reason being not used to sudden change of environment and separation from parents at early stage. Things like separation from siblings, change of owners, different sleeping area/environment and even abrupt change of food can worsen the problem.

Behind the blog

We have been blogging since January 2012, time really passes quickly, Amber is already 1 year old now!  We have met many people through our blog, both online and offline, fortunately most are friendly, just some once in a while "troll" that comes along and attempt to bring down the blog. As much as we'd like to post updates about Amber and add more fun topics, readers should understand that the blog is not created for these purposes, if you are looking for fun stuff  you could always like our Facebook page which has a lot of pictures and videos throughout Amber's life.