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Dog dead after being sent for grooming

Sadly this happened in Singapore. The Maltese - Brownie is dead after suffering for 6 hours in a car boot. Shop name: World of pets (used to have a website but they took it down after this incident)

Updated link

Hi guys, we have updated the link on Fur 'N' Away review as we just noticed the previous link was wrong. We had accidentally linked our review to their official website instead, it has since been resolved.

Haze in Singapore

Haze in Singapore reaches hazardous level on Wednesday 19 June, with the PSI reading hitting an all-time high of 321 at 10pm. It's advisable to: - keep all your furkids indoor, do not walk them for these few days until the haze subside. - turn on fans and air-conditioning to filter out the bad air at home - drink lots and lots of water, as the air is very dry and bad, they will need more water to clear their system. - do not forget to exercise them in order to drain their energy, playing catch and fetch is a good way to do indoor. - do visit a vet if there are cough or respiratory symptoms Most importantly, please stay healthy :)

101 Dog Myths 02 - Dogs howl and bark into empty spaces because of spiritual beings

Dog Myths 02 - Dogs howl and bark into empty spaces because of spiritual beings Many times, when humans find that they cannot point out the reason for certain things that had happened to their dogs, they blame it on spiritual beings. I have seen dog forums where people advice others that spiritual beings are the cause of barks and howls at night! It is kind of annoying at times where we are here trying to help people with dog problems and there someone is replying nonsense, asking the owner to sprinkle holy water and what not. From my years of experience on dogs and other animals alike, there was never an animal problem that was left unsolved, reason was because I would go all the way to the root of the problem my pets had encountered, solve them and learn from there instead of pushing blame and treat them as an impossible case. By far even during obedience and corrective trainings we have never met any unsolved barking / howling case, it is usually the problem with how owners trea

101 Dog Myths 01: Online materials are good enough to learn about dogs

Dog Myths 01 - Online materials are good enough to learn about dogs Let's face it, we have come to an era where the Internet is a need, everything you read in books can be found on the Internet. The question is whether the stuff you read is coming from the same author, usually they are not and because everybody has their own opinions, plainly following online materials can actually do more harm than good to your dog. A lot of people study about dogs online, and by doing this the brain naturally compile all the information they read into a "book", this is very dangerous if you are still learning the basics. When you mix things up, you are actually incorporating many different training methods and information into your dog, it will most likely get confused with the inconsistency and thus you may see unwanted behaviors caused by extreme frustration. Online materials are good only if you have a certain problem that you can't find elsewhere, if you have a website tha

Testimonial - Joey Leong (text version)

"Our family decided to keep a pet and we were looking for a dog. While searching through the internet, we came across the Blog “ A Red Toy Poodle Story “. It was a great blog with lots of detailed information, especially so for us, who are first-time dog owner.

Trip to NEX Playground - 01 June 2013

​​After more than 2 months, we thought it was time to bring Amber to NEX playground again! This time we decided to meet up with Toffee and his family to train him on some basic interaction as well as introducing Amber to them for the first time. We had walked and played with Amber for about 40 minutes in the morning, she did really well, even showed some of her tricks to a Malay man, he was watching Amber from a distance and asked me if she knew how to sit, we proceeded to doing a series of tricks after sitting and he was so impressed that he was laughing during the whole performance, we were very proud of Amber :)

Testimonial - HTML

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Here's a painting of Cherry (maltipoo) and Velvet (toy poodle). Do email us at if you wish to have a painting of your furkid too!