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Pets Corner Event 2013 - 10 March 2013

Update 30 March 2013: As promised, we have uploaded video for this event below! We went to east coast park once again for Pets Corner Event 2013, the weather was great throughout this time round! Smiling for the camera, or not! We traveled by bus and reached around noon, it was sunny but not too hot for Amber to walk on, we walked her for about 5 minutes before letting her off leash to see if she was ready, this was her first time being off leash for walks around so many dogs. Amber actually got excited when she saw other dogs, running over to smell them even when i did not signal okay, i then tried to recall her back, she hesitated for awhile before listening. Amber actually did much better than we predicted, I did not expect her to react to my calls at this stage of her training, after passing by a few dogs she calmed down and did not approach other dogs without my permission anymore, she walked pretty well too (scroll down to last part for video)! When we reached the event

Leash or Harness

Many wonder whether a leash or harness is more suitable for their dog, which always result in never ending debate on which is inferior. In my opinion neither is better than each other, the choice is up to the owner whether how they want to control their dogs and also how much they trust the equipment. Note that this is our personal opinions on each individual equipment, there are no scientific fact or whatever prove of speech in this article, it is mostly made up of our experience and believes, we fully support the leash but we do admit there are advantages of other dog walking products out there. Harness  3 in 1 Harness


Updated: 12/03/2013 We decided to give this shop a 0.5 score boost as they have taken the initiative to upgrade their online shop as well as facebook page, we wanted to give more but found out they were actually more keen to promote selling their puppies than to boost customer service, also the website was pretty buggy. We will visit the shop again when we are free, hopefully we'll experience something different and live to tell our experience.

Away - 31 March till 18 April 2013

Hi everyone, just to let you know we will be out of Singapore from 31 March till 18 April 2013 , we will not be able to provide any service until we return. If you have any questions during these period just drop an email to us at and we will try to answer your questions as frequently as we can!


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