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Visit to Thomson - 2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Thomson, I knew there were quite a few new pet stores set up there and curious to see for myself the condition and if it has improved ever since my last visit in 2013. On my first stop, I noticed one pet shop that had closed down and taken over by another pet business, they sold puppies so I went in right away. The whole shop was clean and bright with individual space to hold individual puppies, there were with no grills underneath their paws unlike what I’ve seen with the previous store. The condition of the puppies looked okay at first glance, but after awhile I started to notice a number mixed breeds being sold as well as weird labeling, price was also rather high, with some up to 2 times the market rate. Some examples - Toy poodles selling at $2600, Chi hua hua with bloated stomach and a Maltese being labeled as “Compact Maltese”. What does compact means? Maybe they were replacing the overly used Mini? Other than that, I honestly felt th

Humping incident

Recently I stumbled onto a post with an owner sharing his experience about his dog being humped by a large dog at a grooming centre. After I commented on his post saying that this could cause his dog to be fearful, I was notified by Facebook whenever more comments were made on that thread. In those comments, I saw a few that caught my attention. Out of 10 comments, there were about 3 that were made by individual groomers themselves, whether they were the one handling this owner’s dog I do not know and wouldn’t assume, but they were extremely defensive in my opinion. If you are interested in the content, they were trying to explain that it is impossible to prevent other dogs from getting humped due to the fact that many owners will complain if their dogs were caged before and after grooming. After reading through more and more comments, I started to wonder, why wasn’t any groomers asking about his dog and how it was doing? Was it because these groomer wanted to help clear up misund