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Dog myth 10: Psychics can talk to my dog

Dog myth 10: Psychics can talk to my dog As owners are spending more money on their dogs, it is natural that some people would find ways to make as much money as possible from those that are vulnerable, even if lying is needed, and animal psychics, or what most of them like to call themselves animal communicators, are actually one of them. As we start to meet more and more owners who's dog has behavior problems training under us, we noticed that some of them seemed to have completely misunderstood their dog just because a psychic tells them that their dogs are thinking of this and that. Many were still unable to solve their dog's problem after the visit, what makes things worst is that these owners are brainwashed about dog behaviors, which in return creates more stress in their dogs, this not only causes confusion in dogs and owners, but also make lessons hard for us to conduct as owners have the mindset that dogs can talk through images and telepathy, this may sound crazy f

Dental care for dogs

The teeth of a dog is very important, same for humans, having a poorly maintained set of teeth can affect your dog more than you think. I'm sure all owners who love their dogs have thought of bringing them for dental scaling at some point throughout their life, however due to certain reasons most don't. In this post we will talk more about the dental health of a dog and how professional dental scaling can help make your dog's later part of life better. What will happen to dogs with dirty teeth? 1) Dental diseases When your dog's teeth is dirty, it means that a lot of germs and bacteria can accumulate inside their mouth, this can lead to a lot of dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis (gum & bone infection) and accumulation of plaque and tartar. 2) Bad breath Other than dental diseases, dogs with dirty teeth may also start to produce bad breath, some are so bad (depending on how bad the condition) that owners can even smell it from a distance, licking

Testimonial - Cass & Ryan (text version)

​We adopted Crystal for about 3 months before we engaged Jeryl and Nicole for housebreaking training. It was very stressful as we don’t know when and where she was going to release herself. Through words of mouth, we got to know Jeryl and Nicole. By 2nd week of training Crystal was able to pee and poo in the right pee tray with only occassional misses. Jeryl and Nicole also generously share with us their indepth knowledge of how to walk the dog, care for her such as grooming her. Through their patience, we are able  to 'communicate' better with Crystal! We can now ask her to wait, call her name and she will come to us and also let her know when not to do certain things that we don’t want her to do. The lessons does not end when the training sessions end. They will follow up with us and we can still consult them for things that we don’t know. Thank you very much for your training. Cass & Ryan

Testimonial - Cass & Ryan

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