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101 Dog Myths 06: Dogs will become obedient by themselves once they grow older

Dog Myths 06 - Dogs will become obedient by themselves once they grow older We have seen many people that advice dog owners that they do not need to worry about their puppy's bad behavior, that this is just part of growing process and will gradually disappear once the dog grows older, now this is not true and we will explain why. You first need to understand the life stages of a dog and how they react and behave towards certain things, dogs grow and change as time passes so it is never wise to think that your dog will forever be as it is. Below we will briefly explain the growing stages of a puppy and how certain scenarios can affect them. When puppies are born, they have no knowledge nor habits, their first instinct is to look for their mother to take care of their needs. Once the puppies are strong enough to walk and have their senses developed at about 3 weeks old, they will start to be curious about things around them, this is also the time when discipline start, the mo

Dog selection tips Part 2 - Breed

Breed Introduction Be it sizes, character or appeal factor, most of you might have a particular breed of dog in mind before even deciding on getting a dog, however the breed that you like may not always be suitable for you. During breed selection process most people do not put genetics/character in mind, size and appeal factor are usually considered instead. Every dog comes from different background and is bred/born for different purposes - guarding, guiding, tricks, hunting etc. If you were to select a dog based on looks first then you might have trouble understanding your dog in time to come, stress will then build up in both owner/dog relationship and this will become very unhealthy for both parties. When talking about breeds that are bred for different purposes, you should also take note of the traits brought on from the past all the way till present date, leaving out gaps in between will not be advisable.