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Visit to Gold Coast 2015 - Part 2

Having to choose between Australia zoo and Currumbin sanctuary due to our schedule, we selected Australia zoo in the end due to the overwhelming popularity. If we are not wrong, Steve Irwin and his family started Australia zoo to save wild animals and provide education to people all around the world. We got the tickets from Ozexperience and it came as a package called Australia zoo tour, however as the driver brought us to our destination we then found out that the tour was nothing more than a speech regarding the roads (not the zoo), which was about 2 hours. I called the management and asked why there were no tour, they simply replied that there isn't, just a package of transport and zoo ticket.

Night walk encounter

During our night walk with Amber yesterday, we met a toy poodle who regularly goes down for walk with its owner, this dog was always running around off leash and almost got bitten by one of our guest that had aggression. After telling the owner off she tried to keep her dog on leash whenever she sees us. However this time round the one walking the dog was a male, whom we supposed was the boyfriend/husband, the dog as usual was off leash, and the guy who was supposed to watch the dog was staring at his mobile screen the whole time! We could see everything going on as we were sitting at the playground, which was a distance away. Both of us were talking about the chance of the dog getting lost or someone kidnapping being high, and after a few minutes the dog actually disappeared, we saw the owner looking for his dog, and yet went back to staring his phone and strolling slowly, this time the dog had ran up a small hill (we could see better from far), owner started to look around and call o