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Why many puppies are born unhealthy

When a dog is bought from a pet store, it is very likely that the dog is bred from a puppy mill, which means that there is a high risk of the dog having problems that may appear either right after it is brought home, or later when it grows older, be it a few days, few months or even a few years later. Usually owners are more likely to be tempted into buying because of the vase marketing tactic and cheap price tag. I am not saying that expensive = good, but when someone sells a dog below the market price, there must be a reason behind, think about it, if you are on a budget and live on breeding dogs to survive, what would you do? Just do a simple calculation and you will get the idea.

Dog myth 13: It is okay for my dog to growl as long as it doesn't bite

Dog myth 13: It is okay for my dog to growl as long as it doesn't bite Most if you should have heard your dog growl in one way or another, and many owners who've yet to be bitten believes that their dog will never turn on them no matter what happens, this becomes very dangerous if you think this way, which may endanger yourself as well as other people around you. Growling is one of very few ways your dog can communicate with you "verbally", if you're not able to understand it's intention then there may be a day when your dog will get so frustrated that biting becomes it's next option.

Amber's K9 Natural Trial

Most of you may know that we have recently switched Amber's meal to freeze dried raw, this post is to share her transitioning period and well as the difference we see after feeding her on this food. Before feeding Amber on freeze dried meals, we actually gave her daily green tripe, also from K9 Natural, which was said to be able to help her transition to raw food later on. The green tripe is really smelly and Amber loved it a lot, whining from time to time when it was prepared. Preparation of green tripe is the same as freeze dried meals - pour warm water over the food, stir and feed.

Swimming again

Brought Amber to swim again recently, after that we went to the groomer and the feedback was that her hair became very dry and tangled, both the groomer and us wondered if it was because of the swim. Also, one of Amber's feet seemed to have a small cut, we watched the whole of the swimming session and could not find any mishandling, probably scratched while climbing onto the stairs. Overall Amber had a really fun time, we even met Robin the toy poodle, they got to swim together!