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Kiti Dogi Pet

Our very first few groomers for our bunny Chocolate. It was hard to find a rabbit groomer especially nearby our house. We went to a few shops and finally saw Kiti Dogi Pets, they used a different shop name last time i have no idea why it was changed but the owner is the same person. A middle age lady, who approached us when we were browsing the store. We told her Chocolate need a rabbit groomer and she asked us to book an appointment with her. The first time was quite ok, pleasant speaking and even introduced some products to us.

On the first appointment, she sort of spoke to us in a harsh tone that we shouldn't put beddings and pellet food in the carrier and should just put newspaper instead. We were kind of shocked because we don't even know anything about that and she should have just spoken nicely. Then she brought Chocolate into the back of the shop and asked us to go somewhere else while she groom, we did ask if we could look but she said no. After the grooming was done once again she complained about the bedding and pellet food was flying all over her grooming area and ask us to use newspaper in future and also questioned us why we didn't bring Chocolate to her for grooming before, we didn't bother explaining to her that this is the first time we were bringing Chocolate outside for grooming.

On the second attempt to bring Chocolate over for grooming, she had Chocolate cut on the corner of her eyes which was red and slightly bloody, the groomer denied and said when she receive it Chocolate was already injured. Because it wasn't that bad we didn't pursue further.

Third time for grooming we went over to book for appointment, she asked us to bring Chocolate to other shop for grooming without any reason. When we were about to leave the shop the guy(might be husband) called us back and place a date. She made a weird face before saying ok as if she was doing us a favour. We had no choice because we couldn't find any rabbit groomer nearby. The guy is actually quite friendly. But the lady was really rude and had attitude problem, sometimes she is ok, sometimes she gets pissed off for no particular reason. It depends on her mood. This was the last time we went to this shop for grooming, now we just do it ourselves. We called them The Witch Of The East from then on.

After grooming...

Full grooming for Chocolate cost $45

This is a place to go only if its the only shop left in the East. Products are not cheap based on the brand of items sold, grooming is NORMAL standard.

Review Rating 4.5/10

• nearby
• grooming is not too bad
- cages are affordable

• horrible service (everything)
• unable to see grooming area
• prices are not cheap


  1. After a bad experience, why were you going back to the same person for next appointment??? Groomer will normally refuse a customer who has no confidence in him. Pet lovers hate to see owners who do not take good care of their pets, and sometime refuse to listen to advise...

    1. This is just a review for people to read, if shop owner or any affiliate does not agree with the review they can choose to change the policy of their shops or ignore what they read from customers.

  2. There are 10 Pet Shops in Bedok, and at least 200 groomers graduated in Singapore each year. You should not have any difficulty finding another groomer. Hope your rabbit is well taken care of. Regards.

    1. Can we lets keep things professional for a start? I believe we as the consumer / customer should always be of concern, we do not demand 5 stars service everywhere we go but at least politeness and consistent services are to be expected.

      What Kiti Dogi portrayed was not up to our expectations even when we had given them a few chances, the job was not done well at certain times, the service was horrible, but there is no shortage of good feedbacks too, certain products are reasonable priced, it is located conveniently and so on as you can read.

      Everyone is given a chance to express their own opinion, just like you out here trying to voice out your personal opinions. Rather than being agitated by the reviews, why not improve your service and maybe some of the points we noted, maybe one day someone who has read our blog, went over to visit your store would find that it is a totally different experience, they will be coming back and tell us off about it i'm sure! If that is the case we will be more than happy to change our views and opinion about the store, after all we just want to be happy paying and getting what is expected from someone in the line of servicing.

      I am very sure you have read some of our reviews on other shops, you will see that all of our opinions are carefully evaluated, there are good reviews and of course there are bad ones, in my opinion your store is not considered the worst but can be improved especially in the service area, just to remind that it is just a personal review, nothing grand.

      If you have any more questions or want to explain the behavior presented by the store you can always email us at

      We hope to hear from you soon.


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