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[Rant] Dog Fashion - Right or Wrong?

I'm sure this topic has been debated countless times, why do some people put on clothes and accessories on dogs? What are the advantages and what are the risks? Some people hate dog owners that outfit their dog so much that they could go into a dog forum, and create a post asking people to stop it because they find it stupid and ugly.

In cold countries, people wear sweaters and boots on their dogs to make sure they don't freeze, some dogs have little to no fur like Chi hua huas and Chinese crested, without protection these poor creatures will shiver during the whole walk, i wonder which is more cruel?

Let's go to pet fashion, why would people wear pretty outfits on their dogs, buy branded and bring their dogs out? Does the dog even know what is going on? No, dogs do not know that they are pampered when you put clothing on them, sometimes they even hate it so much that they would rip the clothes off. Even if they don't, i still think that it really looks beautiful having clothing and accessories on pets, provided that it doesn't hurt/harm them. It is never inhumane to make your dogs pretty, of course if the weather is hot outside it's best not to wear thick clothes, just a simple shirt would do. If one is to find dogs with outfit ugly, i do not mind but at least to keep those bad comments to oneself. Some people i met had encounters of strangers saying their dog is ugly because of the clothing, these people even go around blogs and forum and make sarcastic remarks on owners who post pictures of dog wearing clothes. Honestly, we humans do not even need to wear anything especially summer, we could go naked on nice weather or just wear the ugliest shirt we can find if it is cold, why bother buying nice and some, uncomfortable but pretty clothes? Why do you even want your boyfriend/girlfriend to wear something nice on a date? Because we basically want to enjoy looking at them and love them even more! If one does not like when someone wears something that looks ugly, simple don't look! If so I may list out some things I personally hate:


You would not go around and asking people not to do or wear something you personally dislike would you? So please, people can put fashion on their dogs however they want to, many dogs are bred just for fashion sake. To debate even further, you give poodle cut to a poodle  not because they are hunting in places that are wet, it's because they look good. You want to choose the color and features of a dog that look good, that is also part of fashion. You choose the breed of dog you favors, that is also part of beauty. I put clothes on Amber because she simply looks cute in them, i would just love her even more, nothing wrong. She may be uncomfortable wearing clothes at first, just like a child wearing a dress, they would find it very uncomfortable. But it doesn't hurt them, they would get used to it eventually. However there are some clothes that are badly produced and may be too tight or loose, which may hurt the dog, these are to be avoided. And by the way, i do tie Amber's hair and wear clothes on her at home sometimes. Shoes are to protect her feet from getting burnt during walk outside, Singapore is a very hot country, even wearing slippers i can feed the burning sensation of the ground. It is also for preventing her on stepping on dangerous objects. I do know that dog perspire on their feets, if i find her feeling too uncomfortable i would remove the shoes and carry her home instead.

Ultimately, dog fashion to me is no right or wrong, it is up to individual. Just don't kill your dog by wearing knives.

More fashion dogs??


  1. I have no problem putting a hoodie or sweater on my dog when its chilly. He is short-haired and he will shiver when its cold, just like I would. I dont really dress him up in outfits but maybe one day I will try. Keep dressing your cute baby up!

  2. Hi MiloMyMutt, do show us some pictures when you dress him up we'd love to see him in cute clothes!

  3. Great thing to know the right fashion even for our pet.


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