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What to get after your dog arrive

After sharing on the things to get before your dog arrive (Click here to read), we will be sharing on what to get after your dog arrive in this post!

Note: * marks brand that we carry.

1) More Toys
Toys may sound like an optional item but it is actually one of the most important thing you'd want to get once you bring your dog home, dog toys are great to reduce boredom and helps teething, toys also teaches a dog to chew on the things that you allow. Do get toys that suit your dog's size, get those that are good in quality too, some of the good brands are Kong, AFP*, Heardoggy*, Busy Buddy*, Nylabone* & Petstages*.

2) Permanent collar
Now is the time to shop for a quality collar as you will be able to accurately measure the size of your dog's neck, always get collars that are durable and comfortable, we recommend the EZYDog*, Fuzzyard & Paul Frank collar*.

3) Leash
Leash is a must for walking your dog, any leash is fine as long as you feel comfortable holding it, before buying a leash, grab it, pull and imitate the feel of a pulling dog, your hands should not feel any discomfort during pulling, a good leash is strong for gripping and should be able to absorb a fair amount of force. For leashes we recommend EZYDog* & MeToYou.

4) Bed
You can start getting a dog bed to make the place more comfortable for your dog, however do remember not to put it in your dog's crate right away, make sure your dog is housebroken first. For a start you can put it in the living room and only let your dog use it under close supervision, soiled bed would only give the wrong impression to dogs that it is a 'Pee Tray', always make sure you use a proper housebreaking odor eliminator to remove the smell of any urine or poo. A good quality bed should be washable, the cushion should be removable, it should also feel comfortable and cooling. A good bed does not come cheap but it's worth to invest in quality ones than some unknown brand that simply focus only on looks. Some of the better brands are Snooza* & Coolaroo*.

5) Shampoo & Conditioner
Dog shampoos plays a very big part in the market, good shampoos are those that are mild to your dog's skin and do not cause any side effects, some might not be suitable for your dog but that doesn't mean it's bad for everyone, so it's best to try a few and see if it suits yours. Some of the better brands of dog shampoo are Chris Christensen's, Plush Puppy, Pethead* and Fuzzyard.

6) Bathing Towel
Invest in a quality one to better absorb water off your dog's body after bathing, it doesn't matter whether it's dog or human towel as long as it's of good quality.

7) Toothbrush/Toothpaste
You will need to learn how to brush your dog's teeth and get it used to the feeling sooner or later, puppies do not need any brushing as their puppy teeth will drop off within a couple of months, adult teeth will start to grow so finger brush is a good start. It will be good to also let them have a feel of brushing as they grow older, always lift up their lips whenever you are free, try to brush it at least once a week.

8) Poop bags
This is for picking up your dog's poop during walks, do not underestimate this tool as they are really handy in times of need!

9) Frontline/Heartgard
It will be advisable to apply preventive for your dog, this is not the dewormer given by the vet so do not mix them up. Frontline plus* is for ticks & fleas, Heartgard is for heartworms, though there are many other brands out there that claims to be able to do the same thing, we still prefer these two brands.

10) Dog carrier
Dog carriers are for transporting your dog, even though you might have a car, a proper carrier will be advisable to keep your dog in there so that they will feel more comfortable, dogs that have car sickness will also feel better when being placed inside a carrier. A good carrier should not be made of plastics like those you have seen in most pet transport services, good carriers should be soft, comfortable and it should have a slot for seat belts to secure them. The best carrier we have come across is the Sleepypod* series, especially Air* & Atom*.

That's it for now, if you have any questions or sale queries do feel free to email us at


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