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What to get before your new dog arrives

So you have gotten a dog and it will be coming to your home these few days, and then you remembered something, to prepare all the necessary things for your new dog!

While preparing everything is a good idea, most are generally useless and are not a must for your new dog, buying everything right away can also easily exceed one's budget. We will list down the things we feel are the most important ones for the first week.

Note: * marks brand that we carry.

1. Crate/cage/play pen
What's more important than a room/den for your dog? This is a place it should get used to, to learn to poo and pee, to eat, to sleep, to play. Place it somewhere neutral, not the toilet, not the room, you will want it to learn to be alone at times, trust us. For size, 3 x 2 feet crate is advisable for small dogs.

2. Pee tray
While most crates has pee tray underneath, it is not a good way to housebreak your dog, it is mostly used for accidents, example when your dog accidentally peed outside the pee tray. So get one, we recommend the yogi pee tray*. Just place it at the corner of your crate.

3. Temporary Collar
Some people thinks that collars and leashes are for older dogs because they are easier to train, this is not true, puppies are the easiest to train, you will notice the difference when they get older and compare them to other similar aged dogs. If your puppy's neck is very small, get a temporary collar from PLC, they do sell the small ones for toy dog puppies though it's not of very high quality. If you want to get a harness, might as well don't get one, it can't leash train your dog, it's just to prevent it from running away.

4. Pee pads
Pee pads* are those mats that are placed in the pee tray so that urine can be absorbed. To be disposed 1-2 days after use. Some people do not have pee trays and they place pee pads all around the house, this is a bad idea as it will be harder to train a dog on pads itself, also most dogs love to rip the pads. Get pee pads only for your pee trays.

5. Baby wipes (non alcohol, non scented)
This will be useful for a lot of things, wiping your dog's feet, face, buttock and cleaning tear stains on the eye area. Bring it outside to pick up poop or even clean your hands afterwards. It is very convenient and clean, be careful to choose one that is non alcoholic and non scented, there's is no need to get dog wipes as they are the same thing just more expensive.

6. Comb, brush
Grooming is very important, a dog that is not well groomed can get matted coat, it will also be prone to skin diseases, to make sure your dog's coat is healthy it will be good to brush at least once every 2 days, this includes brushing your dog the 'right way' using quality brush like Chris Christensen's, Madan or All System's series. Get brushes that suits the coat of your dog, never use de-matting comb, instead of untangling de-mat combs actually slices off and break your dog's fur, ethical groomers would never use de-mat comb on your dog, we have seen many inexperienced owners using this on their dog and this is not a good solution! The best way is always brush your dog, if you are unable to do so then keep their coat short, long and fancy coats are not for busy owners.

7. Toys
Toys are very important for a new dog, it is to keep them occupied and also make them smarter, it also drains their energy up for easier training and better sleep. Get about 2-3 different ones will be great.
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8. Food
Do prepare adequate food to last for at least 2 weeks, if you wait till the day your dog is here you might not be able to find the brand you want, which means your dog has to eat other brands. Also get some previous food from the pet shop, maybe a handful just to mix with their new food.

9. Treats
Treats are very good for training, if your dog poops correctly you can give treats right away! Get a bite sized one, also remember to get soft ones if your dog is a puppy.
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10. Blanket
Blanket is good for comfort, there is no need to get a dog bed now, your new dog might just urine and poop on it, washing just delays time. Get 2 blanket/towel and switch around when it gets messy.

11. Small ticking clock/radio
This can get them to sleep easily during sleeping time, place a ticking clock or radio with low volume near the crate. Just remember to turn off the alarm!

12. Water/food bowl
For drinking water and eating meals, get Yogi Water Bowl* to keep it fresh, for food, get a stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning and no leftover smells unlike the ceramic ones.

13. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
Whenever your dog scratch a part of the body and you find it red or peeling off, apply some unfiltered 100% pure ACV. It is natural and helps your dog to get rid of itchiness. Some people also put 2 drops of ACV into their water daily for health purpose.

14. Housebreaking solution*
Drop some solution on the area your dog pee or poop wrongly, wipe it off to remove the smell. Do not let your dog lick it, it is toxic, make sure the floor is dry before letting your dog roam. Cleaning will prevent your dog from finding the same area and pee/poo there.

15. Teeth cleaning microfiber cloth
Get it to clean your dog's teeth easily, it is not painful like brush, you don't need any paste too! Just slip it on your finger and rub it onto your dog's tooth.

Next article we will go into what you can get after your dog is here.


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