Visits & Reviews

This is a corner to log down our reviews of toys and also experiences to different places with pets from all around the world, note that the experiences logged down are based on personal views and may not suit everyone's opinions, this is a blog, a public diary, so please do not take our articles personally.

Recommended places and products are marked with *****

Places (NEW)

1. Bali Safari
2. Japan
3. Australia - Gold Coast
4. Canine & Wellness Rehab (Part1) (Part2)
5. Pet Stop
6. Taiwan 2016


1. Sleepypod Atom Dog Carrier ***** (Click here to buy!)
2. Nylabone Puppy Double Action Chew *****
3. Pedipaws
4. Yogi Pee Tray ***** (Click here to buy!)
5. Nylabone Puppy Fish
6. Chris Christensen's Series *****
7. Yogi Water Bowl ***** (Click here to buy!)
8. PawCare ***** (Click here to buy!)
9. Snooza Pet Futon ***** (Click here to buy!)

Grooming Centres

1. MasMas
2. Loving Pets
3. Sopra Ginza

Veterinarian Centres

 1. Light of Life Vet *****

Pet Food

1. Addiction Raw Dehydrated Food
2. Pet Cube 
3. K9 Natural (Part1) (Part2)
4. Raw Chow

Pet Cafe

1. Sun Ray Cafe
2. Doggiestyle Cafe
3. Taz Cafe
4. Happenstance Cafe


  1. Thank you for the list, it really helped :D

  2. Hi there, I am from Addiction Foods (

    This is a really informative and enjoyable blog to read! The sorrows of not being able to bring pets on public transports are well highlighted! :)

    I am wondering if you are willing to do a product review for Addiction Foods - Raw Dehydrated Food. We will be glad to mail you a box of sample.

    For more details, please contact or call 6273 8981 (ext 114).

  3. Why don't you review Polypet from clementi? (i don;t work for them) But so far, they have excellent service every single time.

  4. Hi, we review shops that we have patronized. So far we haven't tried Polypet but once we do we will post up the review here, the ones that are not linked/highlighted are the ones we have went and we are trying to write the review soon. Thanks for highlighting the above mentioned pet shop!

  5. Hi! Have you tried The Pampered Pets Corner??

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      No we have not tried this place, do tell us your thoughts if you are going there some day!

  6. Hi what is Amber taking now for dog food?