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Are table scraps really okay?

I was inspired to write this article after someone asked a question on a group recently - if it is okay for dogs to eat chicken rice, apparently he was referring to chicken rice made for human! Admittedly, I was rather pissed but still wondered if this person was really unsure if the food is suitable for dogs, I decided to reply with a very straightforward answer: "If you care about your dog, No, if you don't care, then Yes". Alright it's a bit harsh, but my point is there. He got offended and said that he wouldn't have asked if he knew. At first I felt bad and tried to understand his view, but after reading through the comments and his replies towards others that agree, I noticed that the post wasn't really a question but rather an attention seeking post to see who was doing the same thing. Understanding that it was pointless to contribute to the post further, I deleted my my replies, I could foresee that it will end up in never ending arguments if t