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Amber's K9 Natural Trial - Part 2

You might've read our previous post on Amber's K9 trial [here] , here's Part 2 of our review on this food. After trying all of K9's available flavors - Beef, Venison and Lamb, here goes our final thoughts! Amber's poo was still inconsistent after trying the last meat - Lamb, the salesperson advised us to change the preparation method by using room temperature water instead of warm water, it didn't help much, her pee continued to smell weird, she urinated more frequently and poo was always soft, sometimes even watery (diarrhea). We were advised to continue as they mentioned diarrhea was a common problem when on K9, though they couldn't understand what the smell was about, we decided to stop everything. I suspected something is wrong and hoped it wasn't UTI (Urinary tract infection), we then made up our mind  that it's time for Amber to visit the vet.

Dogs after sterilization - A look at behaviors

I'm sure many of you have researched about dog sterilization - the benefits and risks of doing so, however I do notice that few actually provide proper information on the behavior changes that can happen to dogs after they are sterilized. In this article I am going to share my personal experience on dog sterilization and the things i notice before and after the surgery, all of these studies are towards behavior (we leave surgical and health to related experts), having almost 15 years of my life handling dogs and animals, I've experienced first hand how hundreds of dogs and mammals change after going for sterilization, all of these dogs had been handled personally by me before and after the surgery. This article may be different from websites that you have read, which has high chance of including myths and fake claims because most writers including veterinarians and bloggers either cherry pick information from the internet and unverified books, or has different motives which