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Conversation with a Pet Communicator

As requested by readers to post up our experience as soon as possible, here goes. Elaborated from our post on Pet Expo 2014 ... I approached the lady from the booth, she told me that she was an animal communicator, I acted unfamiliar with the terms and politely asked her to explain the meaning of an animal communicator to me. This lady was claimed by a friend of mine to be one of the best in Singapore, this communicator is known to be friendly and do not mind helping her friends to read their dogs for free, we managed to meet this person and find out for ourselves! Though she was not very well spoken, the communicator was friendly and answered all my questions without hesitation, here's our conversation below: Me: May I know what is an animal communicator? Lady: We speak to animals and understand how they feel, we can also find out about their past life (reincarnation).

Dog selection tips Part 3 - Age

Age Other than knowing the proper way to selecting a healthy puppy ( click here to learn how ), understanding the pros and cons of a dog's age can help you to gauge their behaviors and health risks. This article is created to help people increase their chance of getting an idea dog that suits their lifestyle and personality. Though all dogs grow old no matter their age, it is still beneficial to know about the general character of a dog based on its age, this aims to eliminate concerns that new owners might have. Do note that this is just a guideline to give people a rough understanding of what to expect, we will never advice anyone to judge a dog's learning ability just based on it's age, therefore this guide is placed on the 3rd consideration among other factors. For example, inexperienced owners knowing that they are not prepared to handle a senior dog can choose to first get one that is younger, this gives them a couple of years to get used to handling a younger dog

Testimonial - Sharon (text version)

Thank you Nicole and Jeryl! It was about two months back when I realised Hana's housebreaking and behaviour was getting worse. I googled for dog trainers on the net and realised that they were NOT CHEAP - all ranged from at least $800-$1000. Then while browsing I came across Amber - A Red Toy Poodle Story. Their training fees were much more reasonable and they also had a toy poodle - Amber which was the same breed as Hana.  When I first met Nicole and Jeryl, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Wow, such a young couple." I admit to being a little unsure at first. But as young as they may seem, they are so detailed, very experienced, and not to mention, very friendly. Nicole continuously wrote notes in her small notebook during the training while Jeryl did the training and talking. They taught me about "positive energy" while training and explained to me why "negative energy" (anger and impatience) can affect Hana. I am so impressed with

Testimonial - Sharon

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A trip to Pet expo 2014

We are just back from Pet Expo 2014 event last weekend, this was held from 28 February 2014 till 2 March 2014, the event lasted a total of 3 days. Note: Below's post reflects our personal experience and opinion throughout the whole event, as usual, we do not hide any facts nor opinions thus it may not suit to everyone's taste, please refrain from reading if you are unable to accept sensitive topics. We went on Saturday, took a cab in and reached at about 11am, being early we managed to get into the event right away without having to queue. The set up looked similar to other dog events that we had attended, it was pretty huge, however we noticed that the speakers corner was pushed right to the end of the hall, which wasn't noticeable until we walked further in. Amber getting ready to go out!

Testimonial - Alicia

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Testimonial - Angeline (text version)

Dear Jeryl and Nicole, Thank you so much for taking care of Lele these few days. I couldn't have chosen a better place for Lele at be at. Just within a few days at your place, I really can see a difference with my pup. Sounds exaggerating but it's true! He's much gentler, less demanding and more observant within a short span of 4 days. We noticed the difference immediately once we got home. I signed up for an obedience class already before I met you guys or I would have engaged you guys for obedience training for him. Lastly, thanks for the great service and updates on the Facebook daily. It was really fun to keep checking onto Facebook daily and watch the clips of him making friends with Amber and other dogs while I was at Hong Kong. Thanks a lot for the effort to teach him and not simply board him. If his size permits, we hope to continue to board him at your place in future. Angeline View original version

Testimonial - Angeline

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