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A sad day for dog owners and boarders

So sorry to hear that a dog had died during its stay at a boarding place. According to the post, the dog died due to neck injury. You can visit this link [ HERE ] to learn more about the incident, do note that there is a photo of the deceased dog, so please view at your own discretion. Out of concern for this incident, we made some research hopefully to learn something to prevent incidents like this. The dog being boarded was a pedigree breed, said to be of good structure and temperament (but they looked too small to be of good structure in my opinion), this owner had boarded 3 dogs, one which died during boarding. We took a look at the boarding page and managed to find a video and photo of the premise, which had a couple of other dogs, including a medium sized dog. At this point of writing, the owner did not mention what exactly happened or what the boarder told her, from the photos and research we thought that it is possible that one of the guest bit and broke the neck of her d

How much freedom is actually freedom?

Some people like to say that crating a dog is cruel, that they deserve freedom. Well, what is considered freedom? Why would letting a dog free roam in the house considered freedom? Why dog parks have barriers, why dog cafes, grooming shops and dog hotel have closed door? Simple, because everyone wants to keep the dogs as safe as possible from any dangers out there! Same reason why we encourage proper crate training, because the house can be a very dangerous especially when dogs are left unsupervised. I truly hope people can understand the fact that once the dog is brought into a house as pet, freedom is already gone, would you leave your door and front gate unlocked and let your dog go out unsupervised? If not then the dog is not getting any freedom, being locked inside the house can also be a form of cruelty if we wished to debate. Those that encounter their dogs having panic attacks and anxiety are those that do not know how to make a dog love their crates, they introduce it su

Discovering new things about Amber

While exercising Amber on stairs climbing, I took the chance to end the remaining 5 minutes with a "Wait" command. Amber was asked to wait at the starting point of a set of stairs, I walked 2 sets down so that she can't see me, and then I called out to her name to come over, didn't see her coming. As I walked up to take a look, she disappeared, I then knew that she walked up the stairs instead of coming down to me, I called as I approached and there were sounds of hurrying, after a few seconds Amber came back. I tried the second time and it was exactly the same thing, I didn't correct her as there was something weird about this, from my experience it isn't the typical rebellious behavior that most people would assume, she was panicking.