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How clever can a dog be?

Scenario 1 The Story: We saw Amber holding on to something that seemed to come from the kitchen. Observed her from our room during her free roaming time in the house, while we noticed she was walking towards the kitchen (we could only see her towards the kitchen direction but there's a wall blocking our view), i walked over silently and saw her in the kitchen, she was shocked to see me, her ears and body posture all went down, she attempted to get out of the kitchen, i still punished her. After 5 minutes, we saw her approaching the direction of the kitchen again, i was going to get out of my room to follow her before i see her running back in front of our room. What was it about: Amber definitely knows that she was being watched after we caught her for the first time, and during the second attempt, she was going towards the kitchen again when she suddenly decided to run back to check on us, to see if anyone was behind her.

Amber's Trip To Expo - 11 November 2012

11.11.2012 We brought Amber to expo today, it was a dog event by AVA, we didn't have time to walk Amber before going to the event so we just walked her to the taxi stand. During the wait for taxis many ignored us because we carried Amber with us while fetching, this was expected but still depressing to see. When I was about to place Amber on the carrier a taxi stopped in front of us and we hopped in. The first thing I received from the driver was not "where do you want to go?", it was "don't put your dog on my seats, the fur will dirty it". I did not reply, but told him our destination, he repeated his sentence again! We got angry but kept quiet, I then told him next that we are going to expo hall 4, he was pretty angry and said in a harsh tone, "I DON'T KNOW YOU JUST TELL ME LATER". We quarreled with him for awhile and threatened to complain him and he kept saying sorry afterwards, we then explained we are not unreasonable people, when I got

Amber's Timetable from Monday to Sunday

Here's breakdown for Amber's Timetable for those who wants to refer to: Mondays to Fridays 7:10 a.m. Breakfast, 2 spoonful of kibbles, put on water bottle, sometimes we would add a capsule of fish oil or leftover of treats on her kibbles to boost her appetite.                 

Amber's trip to Nex Playground today

We brought Amber to the salon before going to Nex Playground today, there was not much big issue but still some stuff to be noted. At the home salon, we put Amber out in the living room for awhile and she played well, she didn't feel awkward playing in a new place. Our hairdresser is always praising Amber to her customers as usual, kept telling them that Amber is a good dog that does not bark, she loved Amber and dogs but she couldn't get them because there are always customers that did not like dogs. Today there was one lady that was afraid of dogs, she didn't give any weird faces, she just told us that she is afraid of getting licked. However when we placed Amber in her carrier and let the hairdresser do our hair, our hairdresser suddenly asked if Amber was in the living room, she totally forgotten that there was a dog in the carrier. The lady also praised Amber for being a good quiet dog, we were proud of Amber, we are trying to let people who are afraid of dogs to giv

Amber's transition to adulthood

Amber will be 1 year old on 03 December 2012, her body is currently undergoing changes to become an adult, she will have temper, dominance and characteristics issues, how much she is going to change will depend on how much we allow her to develop these behaviors further.

Tips on choosing a puppy

We got feedback from some readers who unknowingly bought unhealthy puppies from pet shops, we decided to come up with this article for people to gain a better chance of having a healthy puppy.  Do note that this does NOT guarantee you in getting a healthy puppy, it only increases your chances. Firstly we want to encourage people to adopt instead of buying, because adopting from shelters would not only save dogs which are abandoned, but also safer for new owners because these dogs are checked for virus and diseases before putting up for adoption, most are also potty trained, and the best thing is that it does not cost much money to adopt. The only downside is that you will not be able to experience the puppy-hood of a dog, which is the reason why most people wants a puppy. But if it is not a criteria for you, why not adopt one?