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First Grooming!

It's time to let Amber out for grooming! Her hair was pretty long after a month so we decided to find a nearby grooming shop for her to experience how full grooming was like. (We bathe her weekly, she doesn't quite like it tho, haha!) Before going to the shop, we went to a nearby park - Bedok Reservoir Park to walk her. We wanted to tire her as much as possible so that she would be very tired while doing her grooming, a trick to make pups not to struggle so much during grooming. It has been a few years since we last went to the reservoir park, and to my surprise it changed so much. My husband and I really loved the atmosphere there, especially the platform that we walked on. We loved the view. Probably gonna be our number 1 spot to walk Amber. On her way to...? A pleasant day and view Walking on the platform, no grass = no ticks :) More scenery  Amber looking at the water and feeling the breeze... Looking at a passer-by boat

Going for her first grooming session!

Yeah!! Amber is going for her first grooming session tomorrow!! I wonder which style should I choose to cut her fur... She used to cut "teddy bear style" and now her fur's pretty long after 1 month, should be able to change to other styles. She has been bathed by us every week and honestly speaking she didn't like any of her bath but I'm sure she will get used to it, haha...*finger crossed* Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Her First Walk and outside experience

We started to walk Amber after 2 weeks. Since Amber has not taken her 3rd jab, we only walk her around our corridor and carry her whenever we go nearby to buy food. We bought her socks and shoes to keep her paws clean during walking but it was a disaster to wear them on her. She kept trying to chew and pulled the socks out. She walked quite awkwardly too, probably not used to have something on her paws, well it was her first time anyway :D Amber's feeling awkward wearing socks She has gotten pretty used to her collar and leash during her 1st week training so we thought it would be really easy to start her walk but we were wrong! Haha! She did not dare to walk out of our front door! (Do not keep pulling the leash if puppies do not want to walk out by themselves, if pulled, it will only make them afraid of the outside world). We used lot of treats to lure Amber, by putting a line path of her favorite treats that linked out to the corridor. Soon enough, she got ou

When Amber meets Chocolate....

We have a pet rabbit named Chocolate, she's in her middle-age now, almost 6 year old. She's a Holland-lop and dwarf mixed breed. We love her alot and is currently very healthy and active. After a week of getting used to her new home, we finally let Amber meet our Chocolate. Guess what? They seemed to like each other but Chocolate was quite shy. Haha! Amber was pretty scared when she first saw Chocolate coming out from our kitchen (She has never been to our kitchen yet, she sleeps in the living room). But after a few smelling of each other's butt, Amber became friendly and wanted to play with Chocolate. Of course we did not let them play as puppies always play-bite when they started playing, but Chocolate is NOT a puppy (LOL, she looks like one tho, with her lop-ear and size) Our auntie Chocolate She is sooo shy!!! When East meets West. ..

Discipline start!!!

05.03.2012, 2nd day at her new home. Her chewing bad habit is getting from bad to worse, I bet her gums are really itchy by now, since she has reached her 3rd month. (Puppies change their teeth from baby teeth to adult teeth within their 3rd - 4th month, therefore their gums are really itchy and tend to chew on ANYTHING, yes anything they see, even fingers, toes, shirts, shoes, anything!) Therefore, discipline is really really important. A lot of people will think that they're still very young so it's better to wait for them to grow older, about 6 months old to start discipline and train them. No! They should be taught right away, the faster the better. When teaching them, DO NOT HIT or SCREAM LOUDLY at them. Just a firm and stern "No" or "Noise" to let them know that this behavior is unwanted. When Amber starts to chew our fingers or get too excited, we will always use our fingers to push her a bit and make a firm/stern "SHH!" and if she still con

WELCOME HOME, Amber!!!!!

On 4th March, Sunday. Amber was officially welcomed to her HOME!!! Yay!!!!!*Claps, claps,claps* She was not sad or feeling anything when she left her breeder, when she went in to her new home (a totally new place), she wasn't scared or sad instead she was sooooo excited! All she wanted to do was to play, play and play. We were total stranger to her but she wasn't afraid of us and kept wanting to play with us, over-active i think. She was kept in a 3 feet by 2 feet playpen, with a cushion (her bed), a Kong smart toy, a Nylabone chew toy and a Pee tray. When she was let out of her play pen, all she did was run around the living room and chew everything she saw! (Puppies like to chew as a sign of playing, puppies always chew each other when they're playing together). So, she kept trying to chew on our fingers, toes, even the metal on her playpen. Bad Habit!! We disciplined straight away. I guess this is her first time getting "scolded", so she didn't react very w

What color?! Red, Cream, White or Silver??

After settling down on Toy Poodle, this time we gotta decide which color we will be getting. There are so many colors to choose from! White, cream, apricot, red, silver and black. At first I prefered white or cream coz it's lighter color and therefore will look more clean and girlish. (We gonna get a female anyway) However, some breeders told us that Toy Poodle is very playful and loves to jump around, therefore it's very easy for them to get dirty unless u wanna clean them everyday. And for dogs that are white in color, their tear stain will be extremely obvious. So finally, we decided to get a Red Toy Poodle instead of apricot or silver. Red toy poodle looks so much like teddybear that they make you wanna cuddle them everytime! Haha! We searched for almost 2 weeks to find our best baby. Searched from Taiwan famous poodle websites to SKC (Singapore Kennel Club). And finally!! Thank god! We found our Amber from a Pedigree holder/breeder. Amber is not from his pedigree dog, he

First time to Pasir Ris Farmway (Pet Farm)

04 Feb, my husband's colleague decided to get another puppy so he drove us to Pasir Ris Farmway to look for puppy since we wanted one as well. He already has a 1 year Male Yorkshire Terrier so he was looking for another breed to accompany his Yorkshire. The farm was really hard to get to if you do not drive a car, unless you don't mind calling a cab. It's in the deepest part of the road and there ain't any buses around. When we first went to the first shop at farmway 02, we met a very stuck-up pet owner. Very "hao lian(proud)" with his puppies and even said all his prices are very CNY, all ended with $xx88 which means good luck for the Chinese people. We saw a pretty red toy poodle but it was sold, so the shop owner told us to buy his other puppies instead since all his puppies are so-called "high quality". I think that shop was kinda overpriced for every puppy that he quoted. One of the pups that he was selling, poodle was just besides it, seek

We decided to get A DOG!!!

I remember it was last year around dec, my husband's grandma birthday, she showed my husband a video of her cousin's Maltese doing tricks like sit, shake hand, change hand and etc. My husband fell in love with the dog instantly. Since that day, he has been looking at dog videos on Youtube. I was not THAT interested then. However, when he showed me some dog videos on Youtube, it completely changed my point of view. Dogs are not just cute and loyal, you need lots of patient, trust, care and alertness to have a healthy and obedient dog. You have to give them your fullest in order to get back theirs. It's just like having a child, which my husband and I decided to have one maybe 2 years later. So, by getting ourselves a dog not only help to train our patient and etc... we also have a new cute family member! I became really fond of dogs and I knew that it's something I gotta experience once in my life time. Yeah, that's how we decided to get a dog. One thing i really dis