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Visit to Happenstance Cafe

Recently we had the chance to hold one of the outdoor training session at Happenstance Cafe, this is also our first time visiting this place. Happenstance Cafe was located at Opal Crescent, the cab we hired was very familiar with the place, once mentioned the road Opal Crescent he asked right away if we were going to the "dog place"! The road to Opal Crescent was narrow and quiet with few familiar shops around, there was also a budget hotel nearby, probably this was the reason why the driver could guess where we were heading. too tight

Mental abuse

Dogs with mental problems are on the rise, with every 10 dogs we trained, 1 would have behavioral issues linked to their mental health, and we humans are playing a big part in this. It all starts from bad breeding practice that causes dogs to have higher chance of developing depression, these badly bred puppies have lower tolerance to stress, which indirectly link to behavior problems like separation anxiety and aggression. In the past, dog breeds are labeled not only to categorize their appearance, but also their behavior and background, understanding a breed can help owners have a better idea of how their dogs behave, to serve as a guideline and match individual family's lifestyle. However because of unethical breeding practices, most dogs that you see now usually do not behave like what their breed is supposed to, their traits disappears when people do not practice selective breeding, resulting in the loss of good genes and accumulating 'bad' genes into the line, and i

Sad week

So sad to hear that a dog had been lost for more than a week, what's worst was that the owners were misled by psychics who spread false information, lowering the chance that the dog could be found earlier. Well the owners can't blamed as we can understand the pain that they had been through, thus trying all alternatives that they think is possible, we are just enraged by the so called psychics who are spreading nonsense. Anyways, we truly hope that the dog can be reunited with it's owner, it will depend on real people and dog lovers to share the information around! We'll be creating a short post to provide tips on recovering a lost dog soon, do stay tune!

Dog myth 12: Shaving my poodle will help it grow nicer/curlier coat

Dog myth 12: Shaving my poodle will help it grow nicer/curlier coat If your groomer tells you to shave your poodle so that it can grow nicer/curlier coat, find another better person for the job, he/she probably doesn't know much about poodles. There are two types of changes to the coat that all poodles will have to go through, one is the Puppy Coat, the other is what we like to call Adult Coat. Puppy coat is often softer, finer and wavy, Adult Coat is thicker and curly compared to Puppy Coat. Most toy/miniature poodles start to change their coat at the age of 8-9 months, the Adult Coat will slowly grow and this process can last about 6 months, this is also the time owners may find more mats than usual. Do not be mistaken that the Puppy Coat will drop/shed off, poodles do not shed like most dogs, their coat is made up of hair (like humans) instead of fur, it will always be there till it is trimmed off. Why many people believe that shaving makes poodle coat nicer is because the Adult

Dog eating and our views

As you might have read in the news or from our page, Yu Lin dog festival is over and thousands of dogs have been killed just for the festival itself, this had been going on since 1990s but dog eating habits have been present in China since ancient times. Now I have seen some remarks, especially those coming from vegans, saying that people who are voicing out about the festival is selfish, reason is quite interesting, these people stressed that humans kill animals like chickens, cows, pig and lamb to eat and yet complain just because dogs are also killed for food in China. In this post we are going to share about our personal views on this matter and why we still won't support people eating dogs especially in China. Note that we are viewing this issue in a neutral way, everything is based on personal views and not meant for scientific purposes.