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Truth about the dog industry - Personal Opinion

Some of you might have seen this video circulating around the internet these few days, it's a video of what seemed like a dog trainer 'abusing' her dog. This was what one of the passerby said while sharing the video he/she recorded during an encounter at Expo recently, whereby there was an obedience competition for dogs.

Pet Products Review - Paw Care

Paw Care is a paw cleaning product made for dogs, the creators of this product aims to replace traditional cleaning methods with this invention. Paw Care's set comes with a container and a packet of compound, it's said to consist ingredients like jojoba oil and allantoin, which are good for the skin.

Testimonial - Pei Shi (text version)

I came across Amber-A red toy poodle story while searching for suitable behavior training sessions for my 1 yr old plus red poodle, Koko. After a total of 4 training sessions with Jeryl and Nicole, we have came to realise that often it is the indulgence of us that causes Koko to misbehave. Both Jeryl and Nicole are very observant in noting down our mistakes made when interacting with Koko and were very patient in pointing these out to us and coaching us the correct way of doing so. From the training sessions, we can tell that both Jeryl and Nicole have a deep understanding of behavior exhibited by dogs and their emotions. Carrying out the trainings at home was an added advantage as they were able to observe Koko's natural behavior at home. On top of that, they even offered advice and tips on pet care - even going to the extent of bringing samples for us. We are very glad to see a big improvement in Koko's behavior just after the 1st 2 sessions! All the aims we set to achieve du

Testimonial - Pei Shi

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101 Dog Myths 07: Dogs will be happier if they meet a new companion

Dog Myths 07 - Dogs will be happier if they meet a new companion Most owners believe that their dog will enjoy a new companion, since they look moody when being alone, why not get another dog to accompany them right? Well we can understand how logical it sounds but things are usually not that simple, we'll explain why. Imagine this: You have been living alone in your house most of your life, one day, someone suddenly enters your house, eats with you, sleep in the same house as you and claims that he/she is here to be your friend, how will you feel?

A trip to Seletar Farmway

We recently went to Seletar Farmway and had the chance to visit around the place. Seletar Farmway has this newly opened pet supply store called Sun Petgamart, we decided to visit this place as our supplies was finishing, a friend said their items were cheap so we just went to take a look. Seletar Farmway was located near our place, we took a cab and reached in about 10 minutes, the first impression we got upon reaching was similar to Pasir Ris Farmway - secluded area, lots of trees, shops are isolated.