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Pet Products Review - Paw Care

Paw Care is a paw cleaning product made for dogs, the creators of this product aims to replace traditional cleaning methods with this invention. Paw Care's set comes with a container and a packet of compound, it's said to consist ingredients like jojoba oil and allantoin, which are good for the skin.

On first impression, the weird green compound looks like a jelly that seems wobbly and hard to use, however once we held it in our hands, we could right away feel the firmness of it, the compound was also surprisingly cooling and comfortable to hold onto. The container made to hold the green compound was well designed - base of the container was made of quality plastic, the cover, which was made of rubber did a good job to keep the container as air tight as possible. The overall impression of Paw Care seemed like a high quality product, however we were pretty skeptical and decided to give it 4 weeks to prove its worth.

The compound is supposed to be enclosed in the container after opening, if not it will dry up and cleaning will not be as effective, it might even become useless. Upon usage, you can choose whether to leave the compound inside the container as it is and use it on your dogs paw, or you can remove the compound and press it onto your dog's paw manually instead, just like how one would use a wet wipe/cloth. We chose to use Paw Care as it is in the container to make full use of the whole product as well as prevent the compound from absorbing dirt from our hands, this helps to maximize the number of use. As I lifted Amber's paw up, right away she pulled away when she saw the Paw Care, I tried again and she started to fidget but slowly allowed me to press her paw onto the jelly compound, Amber removed her paws again upon touching the compound, this was expected as it was quite cooling and might've surprised her. After a couple of tries, Amber got used to it and allowed me to clean her without trouble, she didn't like it though.

To make sure her paws were clean, I took a wet wipe and clean her paws all over again to see if there were any leftover dirt, there was a slight brownish tint left on the wet wipe, this means that the compound is actually doing its job really well, however it still cannot be compared to washing. What impressed us was that tiny particles could be seen in the compound after use, from dirts, dust to even hair, because of how Paw Care was designed, the particles could never get out even if it was reused over and over again, the logic is similar to play dough but in a softer liquid-ish form. The compound produces a sort of minty smell which is pretty pleasant, this smell does not linger on the dog, it's just to keep the compound smelling nice. After using, we followed the instructions to fold the compound over and just put it back into the container provided, this was to keep the compound clean for the next use.

On the second use, we opened up Paw Care's container and saw that the compound was back into it's original shape, it was pretty cool seeing it for the first time. Now Amber was reacting better to the compound, she didn't fidget as much and I was able to clean her paws thoroughly. After that we tried on other dogs, some were okay with it even on their first try, like Cappi and Fluffy, they even seemed to enjoy it, others were more sensitive like Amber and Brownie, however none made a scene out of the experience, we were satisfied with how it turned out. 2 weeks later, the compound started to turn from green to darker green, it seemed that it was getting dirtier, once it gets too dirty we'll have to change it with the refill pack.

Today, it had since been a month from the first day we started using PawCare, this product seemed to be able to last for about 2 months (maximum) if we were to use it daily on 2 small dogs, we calculated and the total amount needed to spend for PawCare is just slightly more expensive than using baby wipes.

As for the ingredients, we knew that PawCare was not made with only jojoba oil and allantoin, there were many other ingredients used to create the compound, surely there will be certain controversial ingredients that could be debated to harmful for pets. We did not research every single ingredient used to create PawCare though, we simply wanted to follow the instructions given and see if there are any side effects to it, common sense should tell you that PawCare cannot be swallowed, it should be kept in places that your dog will not be able to reach, it should also be placed in the container provided when not in use, always follow instructions provided and time will tell if the product is good or not.

We will list down all paw cleaning ways that we know of as well as their pros and cons:

Traditional Washing
- cleanest among other methods, especially if dog shampoo is used
- low cost

- inconvenient, blow drying and combing is needed to prevent tangles
- uncomfortable for the dog
- frequent shampoo usage may irritate skin

Wet cloth
- low cost
- convenient, save time

- not as hygienic if the cloth is used repeatedly, need to wash thoroughly after use
- uncomfortable for the dog especially if it's too wet

Wet Wipes
- convenient, save time
- relatively clean
- can be carried everywhere

- expensive
- only certain wipes can be used on dogs - alcohol free, scented free
- certain dogs have side effects after using wet wipes due to chemical reaction

Paw Care
- most convenient among other methods
- relatively clean + anti bacterial properties
- can be carried everywhere

- expensive
- uncomfortable for some dogs

Overall, PawCare is a stable product that had proven its worth to us, it is definitely not as clean as washing but we personally feel that this is already more than enough for regular use. What we do now is use PawCare for daily walks and then wash Amber's paw (during baths) once a week to maintain cleanliness, so far there is no side effects or problems encountered with this product,

The problem with PawCare is that refills have to be done every 2 months or so, depending on the size of your dog and how frequent you bring it down for walks, it is similar to baby wipes and might be costly for some. Also, the green compound cannot be used on your dog's fur/hair, it will get stuck on them and will be harder to remove, so we will recommend to only use them on your dog's paws.

PawCare is a great invention that is made for people who wants to make cleaning work easier and faster, we can easily slot this into Amber's bag and bring it wherever we go.


Review Rating: 8.5/10
quality: the quality of the product, the materials used, the durability
design: the look of the product, the shape, colors and style
innovation: ease of use, the uniqueness of the product, the size, comfort

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