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A sad day for dog owners and boarders

So sorry to hear that a dog had died during its stay at a boarding place. According to the post, the dog died due to neck injury. You can visit this link [ HERE ] to learn more about the incident, do note that there is a photo of the deceased dog, so please view at your own discretion. Out of concern for this incident, we made some research hopefully to learn something to prevent incidents like this. The dog being boarded was a pedigree breed, said to be of good structure and temperament (but they looked too small to be of good structure in my opinion), this owner had boarded 3 dogs, one which died during boarding. We took a look at the boarding page and managed to find a video and photo of the premise, which had a couple of other dogs, including a medium sized dog. At this point of writing, the owner did not mention what exactly happened or what the boarder told her, from the photos and research we thought that it is possible that one of the guest bit and broke the neck of her d

How much freedom is actually freedom?

Some people like to say that crating a dog is cruel, that they deserve freedom. Well, what is considered freedom? Why would letting a dog free roam in the house considered freedom? Why dog parks have barriers, why dog cafes, grooming shops and dog hotel have closed door? Simple, because everyone wants to keep the dogs as safe as possible from any dangers out there! Same reason why we encourage proper crate training, because the house can be a very dangerous especially when dogs are left unsupervised. I truly hope people can understand the fact that once the dog is brought into a house as pet, freedom is already gone, would you leave your door and front gate unlocked and let your dog go out unsupervised? If not then the dog is not getting any freedom, being locked inside the house can also be a form of cruelty if we wished to debate. Those that encounter their dogs having panic attacks and anxiety are those that do not know how to make a dog love their crates, they introduce it su

Discovering new things about Amber

While exercising Amber on stairs climbing, I took the chance to end the remaining 5 minutes with a "Wait" command. Amber was asked to wait at the starting point of a set of stairs, I walked 2 sets down so that she can't see me, and then I called out to her name to come over, didn't see her coming. As I walked up to take a look, she disappeared, I then knew that she walked up the stairs instead of coming down to me, I called as I approached and there were sounds of hurrying, after a few seconds Amber came back. I tried the second time and it was exactly the same thing, I didn't correct her as there was something weird about this, from my experience it isn't the typical rebellious behavior that most people would assume, she was panicking.

Tips to recover a lost dog

After seeing many reports of owners losing their dogs, we'll like to share a guide to help increase the chance of finding your dog if it happens to be lost. Do note that this guide relies on science, logic and personal experience, it is to increase the chance of recovering your dog and not the other way round, which a lot of owners had been doing when their dogs go missing. 

The misleading term "Detox"

Many times, when our dogs go through a transition phase especially when linked to food, someone will definitely say this, "don't worry, your dog is detoxing!".  Now what is detox?  Are there really such a thing? In this post we will share our personal experience and opinion on this term.

Why many puppies are born unhealthy

When a dog is bought from a pet store, it is very likely that the dog is bred from a puppy mill, which means that there is a high risk of the dog having problems that may appear either right after it is brought home, or later when it grows older, be it a few days, few months or even a few years later. Usually owners are more likely to be tempted into buying because of the vase marketing tactic and cheap price tag. I am not saying that expensive = good, but when someone sells a dog below the market price, there must be a reason behind, think about it, if you are on a budget and live on breeding dogs to survive, what would you do? Just do a simple calculation and you will get the idea.

Dog myth 13: It is okay for my dog to growl as long as it doesn't bite

Dog myth 13: It is okay for my dog to growl as long as it doesn't bite Most if you should have heard your dog growl in one way or another, and many owners who've yet to be bitten believes that their dog will never turn on them no matter what happens, this becomes very dangerous if you think this way, which may endanger yourself as well as other people around you. Growling is one of very few ways your dog can communicate with you "verbally", if you're not able to understand it's intention then there may be a day when your dog will get so frustrated that biting becomes it's next option.

Amber's K9 Natural Trial

Most of you may know that we have recently switched Amber's meal to freeze dried raw, this post is to share her transitioning period and well as the difference we see after feeding her on this food. Before feeding Amber on freeze dried meals, we actually gave her daily green tripe, also from K9 Natural, which was said to be able to help her transition to raw food later on. The green tripe is really smelly and Amber loved it a lot, whining from time to time when it was prepared. Preparation of green tripe is the same as freeze dried meals - pour warm water over the food, stir and feed.

Swimming again

Brought Amber to swim again recently, after that we went to the groomer and the feedback was that her hair became very dry and tangled, both the groomer and us wondered if it was because of the swim. Also, one of Amber's feet seemed to have a small cut, we watched the whole of the swimming session and could not find any mishandling, probably scratched while climbing onto the stairs. Overall Amber had a really fun time, we even met Robin the toy poodle, they got to swim together!

Visit to Happenstance Cafe

Recently we had the chance to hold one of the outdoor training session at Happenstance Cafe, this is also our first time visiting this place. Happenstance Cafe was located at Opal Crescent, the cab we hired was very familiar with the place, once mentioned the road Opal Crescent he asked right away if we were going to the "dog place"! The road to Opal Crescent was narrow and quiet with few familiar shops around, there was also a budget hotel nearby, probably this was the reason why the driver could guess where we were heading. too tight

Mental abuse

Dogs with mental problems are on the rise, with every 10 dogs we trained, 1 would have behavioral issues linked to their mental health, and we humans are playing a big part in this. It all starts from bad breeding practice that causes dogs to have higher chance of developing depression, these badly bred puppies have lower tolerance to stress, which indirectly link to behavior problems like separation anxiety and aggression. In the past, dog breeds are labeled not only to categorize their appearance, but also their behavior and background, understanding a breed can help owners have a better idea of how their dogs behave, to serve as a guideline and match individual family's lifestyle. However because of unethical breeding practices, most dogs that you see now usually do not behave like what their breed is supposed to, their traits disappears when people do not practice selective breeding, resulting in the loss of good genes and accumulating 'bad' genes into the line, and i

Sad week

So sad to hear that a dog had been lost for more than a week, what's worst was that the owners were misled by psychics who spread false information, lowering the chance that the dog could be found earlier. Well the owners can't blamed as we can understand the pain that they had been through, thus trying all alternatives that they think is possible, we are just enraged by the so called psychics who are spreading nonsense. Anyways, we truly hope that the dog can be reunited with it's owner, it will depend on real people and dog lovers to share the information around! We'll be creating a short post to provide tips on recovering a lost dog soon, do stay tune!

Dog myth 12: Shaving my poodle will help it grow nicer/curlier coat

Dog myth 12: Shaving my poodle will help it grow nicer/curlier coat If your groomer tells you to shave your poodle so that it can grow nicer/curlier coat, find another better person for the job, he/she probably doesn't know much about poodles. There are two types of changes to the coat that all poodles will have to go through, one is the Puppy Coat, the other is what we like to call Adult Coat. Puppy coat is often softer, finer and wavy, Adult Coat is thicker and curly compared to Puppy Coat. Most toy/miniature poodles start to change their coat at the age of 8-9 months, the Adult Coat will slowly grow and this process can last about 6 months, this is also the time owners may find more mats than usual. Do not be mistaken that the Puppy Coat will drop/shed off, poodles do not shed like most dogs, their coat is made up of hair (like humans) instead of fur, it will always be there till it is trimmed off. Why many people believe that shaving makes poodle coat nicer is because the Adult

Dog eating and our views

As you might have read in the news or from our page, Yu Lin dog festival is over and thousands of dogs have been killed just for the festival itself, this had been going on since 1990s but dog eating habits have been present in China since ancient times. Now I have seen some remarks, especially those coming from vegans, saying that people who are voicing out about the festival is selfish, reason is quite interesting, these people stressed that humans kill animals like chickens, cows, pig and lamb to eat and yet complain just because dogs are also killed for food in China. In this post we are going to share about our personal views on this matter and why we still won't support people eating dogs especially in China. Note that we are viewing this issue in a neutral way, everything is based on personal views and not meant for scientific purposes.

Visit to Pet Stop

We had the chance to bring Amber for a swim, as Pet Stop had a pool and was near to our place, we decided to bring Amber there to try out the facilities. The charges for Amber were reasonable at $15 for a 1 hour swim (depending on the stamina of the dog), if we wish to let them shampoo and blow dry her it would be $25. We did not sign up for the bathing service after reading about feedback online, just wanted to try out the swimming session first before deciding next time. I called the shop to book for a slot, a lady picked up the phone and took down our request, after hearing about wanting to sign up for just swimming (without bathing), she asked, "so you want to bring your wet dog home?", it was a little awkward but I answered "yes". The place was along the main road (Upper Serangoon road) and fairly easy to spot, upon entering it looked like a normal pet store with grooming facility, however on the right was a ramp to the dog pool! The ramp was kind of steep

Understanding the difference between Facts and Entertainment

We have had so many people that come to us asking about dog training, and then suddenly linking them to psychics for no valid reason. There are many owners that do not understand the limit, this post is to clarify the difference and hopefully help you make better decisions, your final decision will greatly affect the relationship and life of you and your dog. Dog training uses scientific and logic to communicate with a dog, how effective the dog will react depends on a couple of things, first and foremost would be the owner - someone who spends the most time with the dog. The owner is the one that ultimately affects how the dog will behave in the long run, whether it is happy or not will depend on the lifestyle of it's owner. The second most important person will be the family, family have to work together and set straight goals to maximize the learning ability of the dog, remember that dogs do best in packs. The last will be the trainer, this trainer should be working with the o

Pet Cube

Pet Cube is a new brand of dog food in the market, we have fed a couple of guests with this food and have decided to write our opinion on this. Because Pet Cube is created locally, we'd like to emphasize that we have no relations to the company or whatsoever, all the information posted here is based on our PERSONAL OPINION and EXPERIENCE, if anyone is not happy with how it is written, just stop reading the blog. When we first heard about the food, we thought that this was a new brand of freeze dried because of the name (Cubes), however after feeding the first guest who brought this food along, we came to learn that Pet Cube actually comes in the form of either Raw or Cooked food. After reading and hearing some reviews, we thought that the positive and negative reviews sounds too far apart, either it is very positive or very negative, they all didn't seem to link together and we were wondering why, hence we came up with little experiments based on our experience on dog nutriti

Tips to improve on Recall

Recall is one of the most important command that owners should teach their dogs when they are still young, being able to run over to you when called can be a life saver in times of need, in this post we will share tips on helping your dog improve this important command. As always, we like to focus more towards the reason behind the action than the action itself, it is more important to understand the logic behind what you are doing, why and how it is effective rather than doing things blindly.


Our hearts are aching every time we see owners posting videos and pictures of their dogs eating durians, these poor dogs are unknowing eating because of owner's lack of experience, then risking having to be hospitalized one day, getting their lives threatened just because of selfish owners wanting to see their dogs eating human food. If you had read our blog from the beginning, you should understand that we do not enjoy interfering with other people's problem unless asked, sometimes we do try to post 1 or 2 comments, hoping to guide owners to the right path but we try our best not to pick our nose into their businesses. Seeing the poor dogs becoming from being strong and healthy to weak, obese and full of skin problems really hurts, a lot of them keep blaming on the dog's naturally born condition but continue making them worse without admitting and changing for the better, some even encourage others to do the same thing and this is really unfortunate.

Visit to Gold Coast 2015 - Part 1

We have been back from our trip for quite some time, this post was finished late as we we had difficulties finding time to write long articles. Our trip to Gold Coast went smoothly with little hiccups, weather was really good, it was a little cooler considering the time of the year and we enjoyed the occasional cool breeze. Gold Coast is famous for having a lot of activities to do, for young people there are a number of theme parks, hiking and water activities, for those who prefer to relax there are many restaurants, awesome hotels and a nice beach to enjoy, their zoos are also very good for the whole family to visit. We will not be focusing on other areas except for those with animals, in total we visited 3 places that has animals - Sea World, Dreamworld and Australia Zoo, there weren't enough time for Currumbin Santuary so we skipped this time round. View from Balcony Lobby


It's been awhile since we got to rest for a couple of days without guests, was planning to go for a short trip but cancelled at the last minute. We took this chance to work on Amber's over excitement when someone is at the door, she always get excited knowing that a stranger or someone she knows is coming and wants to interact with them. Currently we are stopping her from any interactions with strangers until she can be very calm even if people call out her name, strangers always like to touch and play with her unless we mention clearly that she cannot interact, some of them would make noise at her even after we had informed them about this, which actually slows down her training. Even so, Amber is now much better especially when meeting people who are calm in nature, she still fidget when people start screaming at her and jump around but we are almost there. This although is not very serious, might actually worsen her health when she becomes a senior dog, getting too excited

Sick puppy

An owner brought her 6 months old puppy to us, he(the puppy) looked restless, had little hair, extremely fearful and malnourished, upon discussing about his meals, the owner took out a bag full of pills and powders and I asked what those were, "to keep my furkid healthy" , she said. I then asked why and what was wrong with her furkid, "the pet store asked me to buy these supplements from them, they said it was needed for my furkid to be healthy " was the reply. Needless to say, I started to explain everything I knew about the poor dog, from his behavior to his health, he looked like a 12 year old dog in a 6 months old body, I mentioned that this was cause by the breeder/pet store, whereby they breed excessively and left puppies in small cages 24/7, I also learned that the fearful behavior was already present on the first day the owner brought him home, he couldn't even walk outdoors and would just lie flat on the floor. To be honest, training this boy wasn&

Raw hides

Not sure how reliable this information is, but in our opinion Raw Hides are very dangerous for dogs due to the tough texture, which can chip off the teeth of small dogs and those that do not have strong teeth.  Raw hides when chewed can also form "unnatural shapes" that can injure and cut your dog during chewing, the small pieces when broken down can also be life threatening when swallowed, which requires immediate operation.

June 2015

June is almost over, I'm glad that peak period has ended and everything went smoothly. We were really concerned as this year's June had more first time guests than usual, we are always wary about taking in new dogs, most people might think that this is purely good news, which is true at some point but we do have our concerns.

Dog behavior test for everyone

In this article we will be sharing on dog playing behaviors through the video below, for those who have followed our Facebook page, you might have already seen the video. This was meant to be a small test for owners to figure out what the dogs are trying to portray through their body language. Many owners are not able to differentiate between play, rough play and aggression, some who's dog are actually being aggressive can be misinterpreted as playing and vice versa, this risk the other party getting bitten if the owners are not well prepared. If you have not seen the video and wishes to have a try at the test, feel free to note down your views on a piece of paper/device, then come back to this article to see if your answers were correct, this is meant to be educational and fun so do not worry if it isn't correct.


It's pretty funny that few people/businesses would drop us a message whenever they read something that says nice things about them, but whenever there are negative feedback or opinions, they come bashing you right away even if no names are mentioned. These people always seems to be following closely, hoping that we would not spread anything related to them, once they feel guilty of a descriptive event they start commenting, emailing and some even resort to threats. Well I would like to emphasize that this is just a small blog, it is not straits times or any major platform, what is written here are all our PERSONAL views and opinions, there is nothing right or wrong about them. If you wish to read them, it is your own decision whether or not to keep the information for your own benefit, if it doesn't, just stop reading. If you suspect that you had been reading something about yourself and feel guilty about it, then it's probably time to change, there is no need to disguise

Training a depressed dog

Last Saturday was the final lesson for 2 owners that we had trained. I am happy to see that both of them were able to succeed in training their dogs to behave and change for the better, because by doing so the dogs will become stable, relaxed and happy, I enjoy seeing happy dogs.

Night walk

While walking the dogs yesterday night, I noticed a guy with 3 golden lab walking in the park, I have seen him many times and his dogs were very badly trained - growling at any dogs they see and attempting to lunge, he could not even keep up with them, to me he looked like a cart being pulled by 3 strong horses. The thing i noticed with him is that he would always run away whenever he sees any dogs walking in his direction, even heard him saying things like "why so many dogs today" to his dogs, he was really talking as if they understood what he is trying to say. Although I understand his good intention to stop his dogs from getting aggressive by running towards the other direction whenever he meets other dogs, this in terms of dog training would only cause their behaviors to become worst, whenever you run away you are just telling your dog that it is just as scary for you, and they will take this as a hint and get even more worked up the next time round!

A little update to the blog

Hi everyone, we would like to drop a note to inform readers that the blog will undergo minor change. As we had been receiving feedback from readers that they had been logging onto our page constantly but do not see much posts and updates, I would like to take this chance to add another topic to the blog. This little topic is not meant to educate owners, it might not even be related to Amber, this "Daily post" is to update our views and daily experience with different dogs and owners out there, similarly to how we had been posting at the start of the blog, to voice out anything we have in mind. We hope that with this we can come up with more posts even though they may be short and not always informative, do note that this "Daily post" will be very straightforward and more like a diary than educational, I do not appreciate people who hide their views, therefore I am someone who is always straight to the point, it can be linked to simple things like an experience durin

What is Dog Obedience - The ATP theory

When talking about dog obedience, we are sure that everyone will have different opinions - views on dog training and what obedience mean. In this article, we will be sharing about our personal views on what dog obedience is and how it benefits owners as well as their dog. Do note that this article reflects on our personal opinion and experiences throughout the years, our theories differs from most trainers by a far margin and some might not be able to accept our views, therefore if you are sensitive to harsh opinions, we will advice you to stop reading this blog. Introduction If you have seen or attended Obedience classes at general dog training schools, you might have the concept that dog obedience is about commands - Sit, Stay, Down etc. In our opinion, to achieve obedience in a dog, commands alone are not enough, the most important part of dog training is actually earning the dog's respect, simply being able to follow commands is not obedience. That being said, commands ar

Preparing for the hot season

Monsoon season is over, which means that ticks and fleas are getting lesser, now we can start walking our furkids for a longer period of time without worrying about rain and wet grounds! With this in mind, you might want to know that what's coming next will also be months of dry and very hot weather, ranging from 33-35 degrees celsius daily as reported in the news. In this article we'd like to share a few tips to help keep your dog safe and healthy during this period of time. Few things that most owners might think of when fighting the hot weather - ice, air conditioning, cold treats etc., well these although helps to make one feel comfortable, are actually not the best ways to keep your dog cool, a lot of inexperienced owners always think of their dogs like human, thus applying human treatment on their pets, this is not right and you need to start changing for their sake. Do note that this article is based on locally approved breeds and may not benefit dogs that are born t

Dog myth 11: It is okay to feed my dog human food once in awhile

Dog myth 11: It is okay to feed my dog human food once in awhile There are more and more owners destroying their dog's health and food is one of the main reason, many think it is okay to feed their dogs food that is safe for human consumption, this is a very wrong mentality and we will explain more in this post. Humans and dogs are two totally different species, what's beneficial for us are not always good for dogs, most of the time it can even be harmful. When it comes to food, many owners like to eat in front of their dogs, thus making them curious about the food humans are having, this is when owners will start feeling guilty and may give some of what they are eating to their dogs, now if you are one of these people, stop doing this, you are destroying your dog's health just because of your selfishness. When one does something like that, they are clearly not thinking about the consequences it might have on their dog, putting aside food that are toxic to dogs, a simp

Amber's Update - 14.04.2015

Amber's compilation 2014 It's been awhile since we updated on Amber, there isn't a lot of new things to share about but we'll try our best to list as much as we can. Amber is going to be 4 years old this December, she is very healthy at the moment but we do expect small issues to appear as she age. This girl is still active, very active I must say, not to be surprised because she is a high energy dog, she also tries her luck to test us out from time to time, for example, sometimes she would purposely walk in front during off leash and run back to our sides without any correction, she would also attempt to crawl to strangers when asked to stay, though not always but we still have to be firm and let her know that we are still watching! Well it's really funny when we think about it, but one thing we will not forget is to never let feelings take over our action during training, knowing that doing so is selfish and does not benefit her in any ways, we do however ta

How to bath a dog with aggression

Having to groom a dog with aggression can be very dangerous especially if one doesn't have the experience and tools to protect themselves, with dogs of any size no matter  if they are small or large, can cut deep into human's delicate skin with ease, a dog's mouth can be said to be equivalent to our 2 hands together, so it is never wise to underestimate them. In this article we will share about the tips to successfully bath a dog without getting your hands bitten badly, note that we say this because there is absolutely no guarantee that anybody (no matter if they are professional or not) can escape being bitten, sooner or later you will have to face injuries if the problem is not resolved. A dog with aggression needs help in training, the article here is only for temporary sake, the best way to solve the problem is to first target the behavior of the dog, if not rectified the dog may turn even more aggressive in time to come, thinking that biting is the only way to stop any

Why following blindly is very dangerous

Whenever we ask owners this question after hearing what they do to their dogs: "Any reasons why?" Many of them are not able to provide a proper answer, most would answer that they "Don't Know", while others would answer "Because xxx also did this so I just followed". When it comes to dogs, a lot of owners would just follow blindly because the majority does so, or their friends said so. I'm sure many of you are guilty of this, but if you truly love your dog then you should stop thinking this way immediately. Dogs even though are strong and resilient in nature, can have their health/life destroyed by humans unknowingly, when it comes to food, medication and lifestyle, many have no idea what they are doing. In this article, we will share about the dangerous things we see owners following blindly, if you are one of them, don't worry because you still have a chance to learn, start changing your mindset now and you will thank us someday. Food

Bali safari trip - part 2

Waking up to the safari next day was a refreshing experience, we saw zebras running outside our window and fed them some carrots (complimentary from hotel) before leaving, it was very heartwarming to see the animals enjoy running around and having fun. We then left the hotel for our free buffet breakfast at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, honestly the food this time were below average, very limited choices and they all tasted like microwaveable food, only good thing was being able to watch the lions again. During this time we actually noticed another corner of the restaurant having meerkats behind the glasses, they were located very near to the entrance and we didn't notice them all along, we love meerkats! They were very curious and seemed to enjoy interacting with humans, standing on two legs are their trademark pose when they want to know what is going on ahead, in the same area there were also some porcupines, which will only come out at night when the meerkats are not around. View

A Red Toy Poodle Story

It's been over 2 years since we first started this blog, with all the questions from people whom we have met both online and in real life, i'm sure that many are curious the progress of Amber Toy Poodle, how we started, the problems we faced and also our future plans. Amber Amber will be 4 years old this year, she had brought us so much joy and happiness that we would sometimes forget that time is passing very quickly, the once baby Amber is now a full grown adult. It's hard to imagine a house without a pet, when we go overseas and have to put Amber with her caretaker the day before departure, we would return home and find the place soulless, even at times preparing Amber's food, forgetting that she isn't with us. We love her like our family and some people do not understand our intention, they do not understand that love doesn't equals to hugging and kissing a dog, but it doesn't matter as long as we know what we are doing, and thankfully Amber is one

How Dog Sales Work

This article will share about how most dog sales work, with this we hope to enlighten more owners to understand where their purchased dogs come from, not through guessing or reading, but through our personal experiences and information gathered over the years. Hopefully after reading, you will be able to decide for yourself and make wiser decisions if you do wish to get a dog in future, if you already have a dog and found out that it was from an unethical breeder, then you can help to play a part by sharing this information around, to put unethical breeders and dog sellers out of businesses. Other than that, knowing your dog is not bred properly can help you to invest in quality food and keep a look out for his/her health in the long run. Note: this article reflects solely on our experience and knowledge, we do not assume that all businesses are using these methods, there may be newer sales method (ethical or not) that are not discovered by us, hence all readers should read this arti

Testimonial - Suzanne

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​Bali Safari Trip 2014 - Part 1

We are back from our short trip to Bali! As we were too busy to go for longer vacation this year, we booked a 2 nights stay at Bali Safari & Marine Park instead. Bali Safari is considered a zoo, but instead of locking up the animals in cages, they are allowed to roam freely in a natural but controlled environment, we like to call this a man-made Safari. Honestly, after reading mixed reviews about the place, we did not have very high expectations of the place, especially towards animal treatment and comfort of the hotel. This post shares our opinion as well as review of the whole trip to Bali Safari, we feel that this is related to animals and training hence it might be something fresh to add to the blog, hopefully we'll be able to review more places (animals related) from different parts of the world as time goes.

Walk encounter with Irresponsible Dog Owner

UPDATED with Video We were doing our daily night walk at the park, as we finished our walk, we let the dogs roam around a small space, Amber was practicing her stay command, we had another dog with us so we walked her around the small space for a bit, this dog had pretty serious aggression towards other dogs and was undergoing rehabilitation. We did see from far that a man was walking his dog, a golden retriever, he seemed to be looking at our direction but since the dog was on leash we just ignored, as he got closer to us, I noticed the dog with me growling towards the direction of the golden retriever, all of a sudden the man put his golden retriever off leash and it dashed right towards us, the dog with me started to snap at it, I blocked them and the golden retriever kept pushing forward so I pushed it away, apparently the golden retriever didn't even know that the dog with me was aggressive, felt a few teeth sensation from her on my legs as I blocked, the dog with me was o

Psychic Detectives

Came across this article that explains clearly on psychic detectives, they use the same tactics for pets, saying things like "it's harder to find pets that are lost for more than xx hours", everything comes down to common sense if one think through about it. In the aftermath of the  recent rescue  of three abducted girls held captive in a Cleveland home for years, one strange twist was revealed: The mother of one of the abducted girls, Amanda Berry, had asked prominent psychic Sylvia Browne whether her missing daughter was alive or not. Browne’s response:  “She’s not alive.” Of course Berry was indeed alive, and it’s not the first time that Browne had told the families of  missing children  that their loved ones were dead when they were not. NEWS: Psychic Claimed Amanda Berry Was Dead But other psychics have made the opposite error, which can be just as devastating. For example in September 2012, Harsha Maddula, a Northwestern University student, went missing a