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Discover dogs 2014

Another year has passed and it's time for Discover Dogs again! Last year, we went with Toffee and his family, this year, we brought Amber and Tasha along. posing for the camera As we were pretty busy with work, we reached late at about 1pm. Before leaving our place, we let Tasha and Amber wore some clothes, Tasha had no problem wearing clothes, we gave her the one gifted by Shinee's owner previously. As for Amber, because we were concerned about her tail, we gave her the red Chinese New Year dress that can be buttoned underneath for better comfort, it was supposed to be worn for just awhile, she seemed to be better with it after a few minutes.

Sun Ray Cafe

Not viewing the photos or ask much about the place, we brought Amber to Sun Ray Cafe, we wanted to be surprised instead. Located at Brighton Crescent (Serangoon), Sun Ray Cafe is the closest dog cafe to our place since Doggiestyle Cafe had moved to east coast road (previously located at NEX mall). Transport We called a cab, in which the driver turned on the meter and started flipping his directory book, after 5 minutes he still couldn't find his directions so we called another cab, same thing happened and we had no choice but to find the way for him. Not sure what is it with cabs nowadays, in the past there were no GPS but every cab driver knew exactly which way to go, some would even offer to refund us if they made mistakes (though we didn't take the offer), they were also much more friendlier, down to earth and polite, nowadays we just meet rude drivers who simply command us to direct them, some even talk loudly on phone inside their cars. Views of the cafe~ Fi

How to be pretty in 5 simple steps

What to get after your dog arrive

After sharing on the things to get before your dog arrive (Click here to read) , we will be sharing on what to get after your dog arrive in this post! Note: * marks brand that we carry. 1) More Toys Toys may sound like an optional item but it is actually one of the most important thing you'd want to get once you bring your dog home, dog toys are great to reduce boredom and helps teething, toys also teaches a dog to chew on the things that you allow. Do get toys that suit your dog's size, get those that are good in quality too, some of the good brands are Kong, AFP * , Heardoggy * , Busy Buddy * , Nylabone * & Petstages * .

NDP 2014's Discount Booklet (RANT)

Recently circulated online, this is a picture of NDP 2014's Discount Booklet, right in the middle there is an advertisement which caused a lot of negative reaction from dog lovers in Singapore, this is an advertisement for sale of dogs, to make things worst, the pet store introduced an all new instalment system to attract more people to buy their puppies. Before we go on, it has to be clarified that this is a personal opinion, it can be considered a rant if you like, please refrain from reading if you are unable to accept harsh opinions. The problem with this is not as most complained, where they felt angry because the pet store treated animals like a car that can be paid with instalments Our concern was that this will attract even more people who cannot afford a dog but wants to own one, this can easily range from impulsive people to students who do not have income and has no one to support the dog in time to come, if one is not capable to purchase a dog, then up keeping t

May 2014 - Bedok Reservoir Trip

Recently we brought Amber to Bedok reservoir for her yearly vaccine, it's been about a year since we last visited this place as we had moved location. Happy when she gets to go out! Before the appointment for vaccination we took Amber to the reservoir for a walk, there seemed to be more people compared to the previous visit. As it was about to rain, Amber seemed to feel uneasy upon crossing the platform - the wooden platform was really shaky due to the wind and she was a bit confused. We then walked her to the end of the platform and practiced some tricks, this was also the time when we encountered a group of silverfish-like bugs, they were flying and knocking onto us, Amber got really uncomfortable and did not perform well, it just didn't seem to be a good day for her. Amber did had some fun as we started to put her off leash to play but it only lasted for awhile before it started raining, thus we had to let her rest in the carrier while waiting for her vaccination appo