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Amber Having Fun

Heres some random Amber video, she is always very violent when playing! We do not encourage her to do that but we would also not stop her from doing things like being too violent, growling and going crazy-like when it is playtime. This is to give her some space and time to do things that she wants to do, we believe that dogs need to vent their frustrations and anger sometimes, we think doing that on toys would be the best thing LOL. And yeah we also showed off her housebreaking skills, she learned to pee on it in about a week, this video was when Amber was still 3 months old. We may seem serious in most of our posts, but in reality when it is play-time we really play, i just don't do videos of me cuddling Amber as everyone knows how to do this. Well have fun we hope you enjoy this video!

How to stop your dog from barking

People ask why Amber is not as barky as most dogs, they even question that poodles are known to be very fond of barking. Some people that do not like dogs would become interested in getting close to Amber without knowing why. Truth is, there are a large portion of dog-haters that do not like dogs because they simply bark too much, like all dogs Amber was VERY barky when she first came to our home. It is not easy to train a dog not to bark excessively but it will pay off greatly, a dog that barks at everything would scare off people and would also influence other dogs into barking with it. Whenever a dog barks, you need to use a word that you would use when you do not want your dog to do something, for us we use words like "No". Never use long sentences like "do not bark", dogs do not understand long dull sentences. Things you will need are: • Patience • Treats • Loud tone • A push Patience plays a big part in dog training, without patience one can get fru

Tips & Tricks - Getting your dog to love the carrier

Many people have trouble getting their dog to love the carrier, especially when it is the puppy/dog's first time using it. To get your dog to like the carrier, you simply need 3 things: -your dog's  favorite  treat  -carrier -patience Open up the carrier fully, let your dog smell it and your dog might play with it for awhile or even leave it alone. After 5 minutes of introducing the carrier, place some treats INSIDE the carrier, guide your dog to the treats. Your dog might just take the treats and finish it outside, it is okay because when your dog goes into the carrier it is also leaving their smell on the carrier itself, people that have been using the same carrier for long would know what i am talking about. Your dog would soon understand that treats can be found inside the carrier, it would then go back into the carrier and start to look for more treats, if your dog happen to really hate the carrier and do not even want the treats, do not worry, just leave the carri

19 July 2012 - R.I.P Chocolate

Today noon, before we got out of home i decided to fill up the water for my pet rabbit Chocolate, as i took out the water bottle, i saw that Chocolate was not moving, i called her name for awhile, i tap her cage and then i inspect closer and saw some ants around her. I knew that she was gone, Chocolate is already 6 this year and she seemed weak, old and thin these few months. She was a really strong rabbit, only got sick about 3 times all her life, twice was when she got wry-neck, a symptom that causes rabbit to tilt their head sideways, vet told us the first time that she would never heal and her head would be like this forever, and would have to put her down if her pain is unbearable. But within a week of taking pills that help her to heal her nerves, she got well and looked good just like a young healthy rabbit! This happened twice in her lifetime and she still got well after. Another time was when she weak and didn't move as much as usual, i went to pick some clovers, which all

Something to share - Leash Training

Came across this sad incident shared by people at facebook. *Appeal for witnesses* Pet husky killed by cab in hit-and-run at Old Jurong Rd STOMPer David's husky was knocked down and killed by a taxi at Old Jurong Road on Saturday (Jun 30). The STOMPer is appealing for witnesses of the hit-and-run accident who caught sight of the taxi's licence plate. Said David: "Sincerely seeking for car drivers that witnessed the accident which caused the death of my sister’s husky. "Hope to find drivers who can remember the hit-and-run cab driver's car plate number. "The accident occurred on Saturday (30 Jun 2012), around 3pm. My sister had brought him out for a walk. "My sister’s dog (Ah Boy) was knocked down by a yellow cab at Old Jurong Road, from Bukit Batok towards Upper Bukit Timah Road. "Apparently, something startled ah boy, and he walked onto the road. There were a few cars then, and ALL cars on the road managed to stop at a distance, without mu

Amber is 7 months old now!

Amber is growing each day, she's now in her 7th month! Time passes fast and she will reach 1 year old - her teenage hood soon. (a 1 year old pup = 15 years old our human age). I seriously going to miss her puppy-hood! ....... Well...i still have another 3 months :) Anyway here is A picture of Amber drawn by my husband! Cho Kawai!

Pet Products Review - Yogi Pee Tray

We were looking all over online for good reviews of pee trays and came across Yogi Pee Tray, we had thought to purchase Nugi Pee Tray before but because of the size 45 x 55 cm(almost square), we knew that it is not the perfect measurements for Amber's play pen. Yogi Pee Tray had problems with the "ears" at both ends of the plastic support, dogs would chew on the "ears" and it would be easy to be lifted up, exposing the pee pad that is supposed to be inserted underneath. However because Yogi Pee Tray was just sized at 43.5 x 52 cm, which is just slightly smaller than Nugi Pee Tray and fits our 3ft x 2ft crate, we decided to give Yogi Pee Tray a chance. We had doubts whether it really works, for peeing the problem lies with whether the pee can really go through the holes, would pee be stuck and then make Amber's paw wet? And also for poop, i do understand that the poop is going to be on top of the pee tray waiting for me to pick it up, would it stain? Would

Heartworm Disease

HEARTWORM - it is transmitted via a mosquito bite. Light of Life vet was thoughtful enough to spend time creating some handouts for their clients, to provide an easy reference and gain some knowledge to help with their pets health care. We would like to make a post using their handouts to let everyone know how dangerous Heartworm disease is. And if everyone out there REALLY care for your pets, please start prevention ASAP. Thank You! Amber has started taking Heartgard Plus, let your furkid start one too~!