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Testimonial - Wuan Chin

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Testimonial - Wuan Chin (text version)

我真的很感谢 Jeryl 和 Nicole 教会了我照顾小狗的基本知识。听起来很简单的小狗基本训练,其实一点都不简单。需要小狗主人原意配合,也需要很大的耐心去完成。 在上 Jeryl 和 Nicole 的课之前, 我最大的困扰是不知道怎么解决 Orange 在家里随地大小便的问题。在他们的指点下,改善了很多。 Jeryl 和 Nicole 细心的教导也让我学会去注意观察 Orange 的肢体动作,来了解小狗的心情。 上了三堂课,我觉得自己比之前懂得应付 Orange。重要的是,我觉得 Orange 也变得比较"开心"了。 Wuan Chin

Testimonial - Gina & Alvin

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Testimonial - Gina & Alvin (text version)

For those who have watched the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, will definitely be comfortable with the training from AmberToyPoodle. Their training was very professional and the trainer took time to understand our concerns and needs. As first time dog owners, both my hubby and I definitely made some mistakes. The training was also very similiar to Cesar's "Exercise, discipline and last affection". Through the training, we learnt to train our dog properly and not in a haphard kind of way. More importantly, the trainer taught us how to deal with our dog Rocky's separation anxiety. We would recommend the basic obedience class to first time dog owners like myself. Let's continue to be the best Pack leader we can ! Love Alvin and Gina (Rocky's Owner)

Pet Products Review - Snooza Pet Futon

Being strict with products quality and look, we had to decide among a wide variety of quality dog beds, after some research, our final decision were either Coolaroo Elevated Bed or Snooza Futon. Basic comparisons of the 2 beds Snooza Futon The Snooza Futon, which was made of Australian wool (lavender warmer) to maintain comfort, was said to provide coolness during warm weather and warmth during cold weather, the cover is removable for washing machine use, it came in 3 colors - Beige, Blue & Green. Coolaroo Elevated Bed As for Coolaroo Elevated Bed, it was designed like a tree bed to reduce pressure on the body of dogs using breathable and stretchy fabric, this could benefit dogs with joint and back problems. Coolaroo bed comes in only green color. Both Snooza Futon and Coolaroo bed had anti flea properties.